Shapefile for
S.B. 0224
State Board of Education Boundary Amendments

A shapefile is a widely used digital vector storage format for storing geometric location and associated attribute information. The shapefile that is part of this bill stores the boundary of each of the districts and the corresponding district numbers.

Since the shapefile is a set of electronic files, it has been zipped into one file in order to enable using only one security code for the shapefile.

Official Electronic File: download
View as Map Boundaries using: Redistricting Maps

Electronic File Name:
Electronic File Security Code: 1c391168399c75a9fc4f90c4e259e9fa

About the security code: The security code associated with the zipped shapefile is used to verify that the information in the file remains unchanged throughout the legislative process. When the zipped shapefile is approved and introduced as part of the bill, a security code, or MD5 hash, is generated for the file. The security code is, in essence, a signature for a file, where the number generated is based on the file's contents. Individuals can confirm the integrity of a downloaded file by generating their own MD5 hash with software and comparing that result to the original security code. Various software packages are available that permit individuals to generate an MD5 hash such as MD5Summer (graphical user interface), winMD5Sum (graphical user interface), MD5SUMS (no graphical user interface), or File Checksum Integrity Verifier (no graphical user interface).

For GIS users:
As an alternative to Redistricting Maps, the district boundaries may be viewed by using GIS (Geographic Information System) software.