S.B. 158 Pass-through Entity Withholding Amendments

Bill Sponsor:

Sen. Bramble, Curtis S.
Floor Sponsor:

Rep. Knotwell, John
  • Drafting Attorney: Andrea Valenti Arthur
  • Fiscal Analyst: Thomas E. Young

  • Information
    • Last Action: 22 Mar 2017, Governor Signed
    • Last Location: Lieutenant Governor's office for filing
    • Effective Date: 9 May 2017
    • Session Law Chapter: 270

Bill Status / Votes
• Senate Actions • House Actions • Fiscal Actions • Other Actions
2/1/2017Bill Numbered but not DistributedLegislative Research and General Counsel
2/1/2017Numbered Bill Publicly DistributedLegislative Research and General Counsel
2/1/2017LFA/ bill sent to agencies for fiscal inputLegislative Research and General Counsel
2/2/2017Senate/ received bill from Legislative ResearchWaiting for Introduction in the Senate
2/2/2017Senate/ 1st reading (Introduced)Senate Rules Committee
2/2/2017LFA/ fiscal note publicly availableSenate Rules Committee
2/3/2017Senate/ received fiscal note from Fiscal AnalystSenate Rules Committee
2/6/2017Senate/ to standing committeeSenate Revenue and Taxation Committee
2/7/2017Senate Comm - Favorable RecommendationSenate Revenue and Taxation Committee5 2 1
2/8/2017Senate/ committee report favorableSenate Revenue and Taxation Committee
2/8/2017Senate/ placed on 2nd Reading CalendarSenate 2nd Reading Calendar
2/23/2017Senate/ 2nd readingSenate 2nd Reading Calendar
2/23/2017Senate/ passed 2nd readingSenate 3rd Reading Calendar26 1 2
2/24/2017Senate/ 3rd readingSenate 3rd Reading Calendar
2/24/2017Senate/ passed 3rd readingClerk of the House25 0 4
2/24/2017Senate/ to HouseClerk of the House
2/24/2017House/ received from SenateClerk of the House
2/24/2017House/ 1st reading (Introduced)House Rules Committee
2/24/2017House/ to standing committeeHouse Business and Labor Committee
2/27/2017House Comm - Favorable RecommendationHouse Business and Labor Committee11 0 3
2/28/2017House/ committee report favorableHouse Business and Labor Committee
2/28/2017House/ 2nd readingHouse 3rd Reading Calendar for Senate bills
3/1/2017House/ 3rd readingHouse 3rd Reading Calendar for Senate bills
3/1/2017House/ passed 3rd readingHouse Speaker40 29 6
3/1/2017House/ signed by Speaker/ returned to SenateSenate President
3/1/2017House/ to SenateSenate President
3/1/2017Senate/ received from HouseSenate President
3/1/2017Senate/ signed by President/ sent for enrollingLegislative Research and General Counsel / Enrolling
3/2/2017Bill Received from Senate for EnrollingLegislative Research and General Counsel / Enrolling
3/2/2017Draft of Enrolled Bill PreparedLegislative Research and General Counsel / Enrolling
3/16/2017Enrolled Bill Returned to House or SenateClerk of the House
3/16/2017Senate/ enrolled bill to PrintingSenate Secretary
3/16/2017Senate/ received enrolled bill from PrintingSenate Secretary
3/16/2017Senate/ to GovernorExecutive Branch - Governor
3/22/2017 Governor SignedLieutenant Governor's office for filing