House Natural Resources, Agriculture, and Environment Committee - January 31, 2018

445 State Capitol

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 Recording 1
 Vice Chair Albrecht called the meeting to order at 4:00 p.m.
 H.B. 143 Off-highway Vehicle Amendments (Noel, M.)
 Rep. Noel explained the bill assisted by Mr. Brett Stewart, OHV Association
 Recording 2
 Rep. Noel moved to replace H.B. 143 with 2nd Substitute H.B. 143.
 Ms. Kristine Gilbert, Drafting Attorney, Office of Legislative Research and General Counsel, spoke to the bill.
 Mr. Fred Hayes, Director, Division of Parks and Recreation, spoke to the bill.
 Mr. Darin Bushman, Commissioner, Piute County, spoke for the bill.
 Mr. Stephen Hawkins, President, Utah ATV Association, spoke for the bill.
 Mr. Bud Bruening, UTV Utah, spoke for the bill.
 Mr. Dwayne Boring, citizen, spoke for the bill.
 Mr. Dale Bartholomew, advocate, spoke for the bill.
 Rep. Handy moved to pass 2nd Substitute H.B. 143 out favorably.
 S.B. 15 Environmental Health Scientist Act Amendments (Christensen, A.)
 Sen. Christensen explained the bill.
 Rep. Sandall moved to pass S.B. 15 out favorably.
 S.B. 35 Water Right for Trout Habitat Repeal Date Extension (Christensen, A.)
 Sen. Christensen explained the bill.
 Rep. Hawkes moved to pass S.B. 35 out favorably.
 H.J.R. 8 Joint Resolution Honoring Utah's Sportsmen and Sportswomen (Hawkes, T.)
 Rep. Hawkes explained the bill.
 Rep. Sandall moved to amend with Amendment #1.
 Substitute Motion of Chair Stratton to amend with Amendment #2
 Mr. Michael Foulks, Director, Division of Wildlife, spoke in favor of the resolution.
 Chair Stratton moved to amend H.J.R. 8 with Amendment #1.
 Rep. Noel moved to pass H.J.R. 8 out favorably as amended.
 Chair Stratton assumed the chair.
 H.B. 181 Home Consumption and Homemade Food Act (Roberts, M.)
 Rep. Roberts explained the bill.
 Rep. Watkins moved to replace H.B. 181 with 1st Substitute H.B. 181.
 Ms. Colleen Dick, Onchenda, spoke to the bill.
 Dr. Angela Dunn, State Epidemiologist, Utah Department of Health, spoke to the bill.
 Mr. Michael Cundick, citizen, spoke for the bill.
 Mr. Sterling Brown, Utah Farm Bureau, spoke to the bill.
 Mr. Dan Dotson, citizen, spoke for the bill.
 Mr. Todd Bingham, President, Utah Manufacturers Association, spoke to the bill.
 Ms. Ivie Dotson, citizen, spoke for the bill.
 Mr. Dave Davis, President, Utah Food Industry Association, spoke against the bill.
 Mr. Connor Boyack, Libertas Institute, spoke for the bill.
 Mr. Russ Kohler, small dairy farmer, spoke against the bill.
 Mr. Darin Mann, citizen, spoke for the bill.
 Ms. Rachel Otto, Utah League of Cities and Towns, spoke against the bill.
 Mr. David Edwards, local businessman, spoke for the bill.
 Rep. Noel moved to pass 1st Substitute H.B. 181 out favorably.
 Rep. Handy substitute motion to hold
 Rep. Noel's original motion to pass 1st Substitute H.B. 181 out favorably
 Rep. Handy moved to adjourn.
 Chair Stratton adjourned the meeting at 6:02 p.m.
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