House Natural Resources, Agriculture, and Environment Committee - February 02, 2018

445 State Capitol

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 Chair Stratton called the meeting to order at 2:09 p.m.
 H.B. 60 Water Commissioner Amendments (Chew, S.)
 Rep. Chew explained the bill.
 Mr. Chris Hughes, Chief Procurement Officer, State Division of Purchasing, spoke to the bill.
 Mr. John Mendenhall, Commissioner, Spanish Fork Water Commission, spoke in favor of the bill.
 Rep. Sandall moved to amend H.B. 60 with Amendment #1.
 Vice Chair Albrecht assumed the chair.
 Rep. Sandall moved to pass H.B. 60 out favorably as amended.
 Rep. Duckworth moved to place H.B. 60 as amended on the Consent Calendar.
 H.B. 103 Water Conservation Revisions (Froerer, G.)
 Rep. Frorer explained the bill.
 Mr. Gary Cannon, Utah Lake Water Users Association, spoke to the bill.
 Mr. Scott Anderson, Rural Water Association of Utah, spoke for the bill.
 Mr. Joshua Cameron, Our Voice USA, spoke to the bill.
 Rep. Sandall moved to replace H.B. 103 with 1st Substitute H.B. 103.
 Rep. Owens moved to pass 1st Substitute H.B. 103 out favorably.
 H.B. 76 Tire Recycling Amendments (Sandall, S.)
 Rep. Sandall explained the bill.
 Mr. Paul Rogers, Republic Waste Services, spoke to the bill.
 Rep. Chew moved to pass H.B. 76 out favorably.
 Rep. Barlow assumed the chair.
 H.J.R. 1 Joint Resolution Urging Exemption from the Antiquities Act (Albrecht, C.)
 Rep. Albrecht explained the resolution.
 Rep. Stratton resumed the chair.
 Mr. Gavin Noyes, Utah Dine Bikeyah, spoke against the resolution.
 Mr. Steve Lund, Commissioner, Sanpete County, spoke for the bill.
 Ms. Cynthia Wilson, Navajo tribe, spoke against the resolution.
 Mr. Dennis Blackburn, Commissioner, Wayne County, spoke for the resolution.
 Mr. Mitchell Vice, citizen, spoke against the resolution.
 Mr. Kenneth May, Commissioner, Sevier County, spoke for the resolution.
 Ms. Cassandra Begay, Navajo Nation, spoke against the resolution.
 Mr. Matt Anderson, Director, Sutherland Institute, spoke for the resolution.
 Mr. Robert Walton, citizen spoke against the resolution.
 Mr. Wade Garrett, Utah Farm Bureau, spoke for the resolution.
 Ms. Nizhone, Mesa, Navajo Nation, spoke against the resolution.
 Mr. Jeff Peterson, Utah Rural Electric Cooperatives, spoke for the resolution.
 Ms. Denae Shanidiin, Navajo Nation, spoke against the resolution.
 Rep. Hawkes moved to pass H.J.R. 1 out favorably.
 Rep. Albecht assumed the chair.
 H.B. 153 Homestead Exemption Amendments (Stratton, K.)
 Rep. Stratton explained the bill and distributed a handout.
 Mr. Jacob Sybrowsky, citizen, spoke for the bill.
 Mr. Scott Stratton, attorney and professor at Utah Valley University, spoke for the bill.
 Mr. Steven Ross, attorney, spoke against the bill.
 Mr. Bruce Richards, Utah Credit Union Association, spoke against the bill.
 Rep. Sandall moved to hold the bill.
 Rep. Hawkes moved to adjourn
 Chair Albrecht adjourned the meeting at 4:24 p.m.
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