House Government Operations Committee - February 13, 2018

30 House Building

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 Vice Chair Fawson called the meeting to order at 2:07 p.m.
 Rep. Robertson moved to approve the minutes of the February 7, 2018, meeting.
 S.B. 42 Sunset Amendments for State Services Agreements (Mayne, K.)
 Sen. Karen Mayne explained the bill.
 Rep. Robertson moved to pass S.B. 42 out favorably.
 H.B. 281 Voter Eligibility Amendments (Briscoe, J.)
 Rep. Joel K. Briscoe presented the bill with the assistance of Daisy Thomas, Chair, Utah Democratic Party, Don Willie, citizen, Kyle Adams, student, Highland High School, and Miranda Rolland, student, Highland High School.
 The handout "H.B. 281 - Voter Eligibility Amendments" was distributed to the committee.
 Kory Holdaway, Voterise, spoke in favor of the bill.
 Rep. Perry moved to replace H.B. 281 with 1st Substitute H.B. 281.
 Rep. Perry moved to pass 1st Substitute H.B. 281 out favorably.
 H.B. 225 Initiatives, Referenda, and Other Political Activities (Daw, B.)
 Rep. Brad M. Daw explained the bill.
 Roger Tew, Utah League of Cities and Towns, spoke in favor of the bill.
 Justin Lee, Deputy Director of Elections, Office of the Lieutenant Governor, spoke to the bill.
 Diane Christensen, citizen, Provo City, spoke in favor of the bill.
 Tracy Taylor, Chair, Wasatch Taxpayers Association, spoke to the bill.
 Brian Jones, citizen, spoke to the bill.
 Rep. McCay moved to hold H.B. 225.
 Gary Oliverson, citizen, Wasatch County, spoke in opposition to the bill.
 Rep. McCay's motion to hold H.B. 225
 Rep. Robertson moved to adjourn.
 Vice Chair Fawson adjourned the meeting at 4:04 p.m.
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