House Public Utilities, Energy, and Technology Committee - March 01, 2018

450 State Capitol

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Chair Handy called the meeting to order at 4:18 p.m.
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 Rep. Albrecht moved to approve the minutes of the February 26, 2018, meeting.
 H.B. 455 Damage to Underground Utilities Facilities Amendments (Froerer, G.)
 Rep. Christofferson moved to return H.B. 455 to the Rules Committee.
 H.B. 479 Zero Emission Vehicle Program (Eliason, S.)
 Rep. Steve Eliason introduced the bill to the committee and provided a handout. Rep. Eliason was assisted by Ms. Shaunty McMillin, citizen; Mr. James Campbell, Legislative Policy Advisor, Rocky Mountain Power; Mr. Craig Bickmore, Executive Director, New Car Dealers of Utah; and Mr. Glade Sowards, Policy Analyst, Division of Air Quality, who provided a PowerPoint presentation.
 Rep. Arent moved to amend H.B. 479 with Amendment #2.
 Rep. Arent moved to pass H.B. 479 out favorably as amended.
 Rep. Arent's motion
 S.B. 166 Energy Facility Amendments (Adams, J. S.)
 Sen. Stuart Adams presented the bill to the committee.
 Rep. Arent moved to pass S.B. 166 out favorably.
 Rep. Arent moved to place S.B. 166 on the Consent Calendar.
 Rep. Stratton moved to adjourn.
 Chair Handy adjourned the meeting at 5:01 p.m.
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