Senate Government Operations and Political Subdivisions Committee - February 22, 2019

220 Senate Building

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 Chair Thatcher called the meeting to order at 8:20 a.m.
 S.B. 169 Political Action Committee Amendments (Mayne, K.)
 Sen. Karen Mayne explained the bill.
 Sen. Iwamoto moved to pass S.B. 169 out favorably.
 H.B. 86 Service Area Board of Trustees Amendments (Waldrip, S.)
 Rep. Steve Waldrip explained the bill.
 Sen. Buxton moved to pass H.B. 86 out favorably.
 Sen. Ipson assumed the chair.
 S.B. 184 Nuisance and Code Enforcement Amendments (Thatcher, D.)
 Sen. Thatcher moved to replace S.B. 184 with 1st Substitute S.B. 184.
 Sen. Daniel Thatcher explained the bill.
 Greg Schulz, Municipal Administrator, Magna Metro-Township, spoke in favor of the bill.
 Brandon Hill, West Valley City, spoke in favor of the bill.
 Sen. Thatcher moved to pass 1st Substitute S.B. 184 out favorably.
 Sen. Thatcher resumed the chair.
 H.B. 116 Victims of Communism Memorial Day (Christofferson, K.)
 Rep. Kay Christofferson explained the bill.
 Lauren Simpson, Policy Director, Alliance for a Better Utah, spoke in opposition to the bill.
 Sen. Ipson moved to pass H.B. 116 out favorably.
 H.C.R. 12 Concurrent Resolution Celebrating the 100th Birthday of Joe Mcqueen (Hollins, S.)
 Rep. Sandra Hollins explained the resolution.
 Forrest Crawford, Professor, Weber State University, spoke in favor of the resolution.
 Sen. Riebe moved to pass H.C.R. 12 out favorably.
 Sen. Riebe moved to approve the minutes for February 15, 2019.
 SB0187 County Planning and Services Amendments was not considered.
 Sen. Ipson moved to adjourn at 8:53 a.m.
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