Senate Health and Human Services Committee - March 07, 2019

250 State Capitol

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Acting Chair Christensen called the meeting to order at 8:03 a.m.
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 Sen. Vickers moved to approve the minutes of the March 5, 2019, meeting.
 H.B. 370 Pharmacy Benefit Manager Amendments (Ray, P.)
 Rep. Ray presented the bill.
 Mr. Frank Pignanelli, representing BlueCross BlueShield of Utah and Express Scripts, spoke to the bill.
 Sen. Vickers moved to pass H.B. 370 out favorably.
 1st Sub. H.B. 317 Homeless Resource Center Drug-free Zone (Eliason, S.)
 Rep. Eliason presented the bill.
 Mr. Rob Wesemann, Executive Director, NAMI Utah, spoke in favor of the bill.
 Sen. Iwamoto moved to pass 1st Substitute H.B. 317 out favorably.
 S.B. 219 Crisis Response Amendments (Thatcher, D.)
 Rep. Eliason presented the bill.
 Sen. Sandall moved to replace S.B. 219 with 2nd Substitute S.B. 219.
 Sen. Vickers moved to pass 2nd Substitute S.B. 219 out favorably.
 Sen. Sandall moved to adjourn.
 Acting Chair Christensen adjourned the meeting at 8:23 a.m.
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