Senate Government Operations and Political Subdivisions Committee - January 24, 2012

415 State Capitol

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 - Call to order
 1. SB0089 Municipal Election Amendments (M. Dayton) (va/jtw)
 2. SB0120 Off-duty Peace Officers' Employment (M. Dayton) (sca/nwb)
 3. SB0093 School Construction Revisions (S. Jenkins) (aos/ccs)
 4. SB0096 Sales and Use Tax Exemptions for Public Golf Courses (S. Jenkins) (rlr/pvd)
 5. SB0105 Utah Fallen Heroes Commemoration (W. Niederhauser) (erb/alh)
 7. SB0118 Transferable Development Rights Amendments (W. Niederhauser) (va/jtw)
 6. SB0114 Contesting Public Procurements (W. Niederhauser) (trv/alh)
 8. SCR001 Concurrent Resolution Supporting Establishment of a Fund for Assistance to Families of Fallen Officers (K. Van Tassell) (trv/alh)
 9. SB0125 State Senate Boundary Amendments
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