Senate Judiciary, Law Enforcement, and Criminal Justice Committee - February 06, 2012

250 State Capitol

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 - Call to order and approval of minutes
 5. SB0103 Personal Injury Protection Arbitration (C. Bramble)
 1. SB0139 Child Custody Proceedings (L. Robles)
 2. SB0146 Property Rights Amendments (L. Robles)
 3. SB0141 Reauthorization of Prohibitions on Practicing Law Without a License (S. Jenkins)
 4. SB0100 Law Library Self-help Center (S. Urquhart)
 6. SB0057 Issuance of Blasting Permits (R. Okerlund)
 7. SB0167 Childrens Justice Center Program Amendments (R. Okerlund)
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