Senate Judiciary, Law Enforcement, and Criminal Justice Committee - February 24, 2012

250 State Capitol

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 - Call to order and approval of minutes
 1. SB0200 Justice Court Amendments (L. Hillyard)
 2. SB0234 Criminal Procedure Amendments (L. Hillyard)
 4. SB0264 Judicial Code Amendments (G. Davis)
 6. HB0103 Theft by Deception Amendment (C. Oda)
 3. SB0235 Clarification of Stalking Injunctions and Protective Orders (T. Weiler)
 5. HB0096S01 Prohibition of Sale or Use of Certain Software Programs (P. Arent)
 8. HB0129 Defense of Property and Person (P. Painter)
 9. HB0011 Grand Jury Amendments (K. McIff)
 10. HB0038 Competency to Stand Trial Amendments (K. McIff)
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