House Natural Resources, Agriculture, and Environment Committee - February 28, 2017

445 State Capitol

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 Recording 1
 Chair Stratton called the meeting to order at 7:48 a.m.
 H.B. 385 State Monuments Act (Eliason, S.)
 Rep. Eliason explained the bill.
 Mr. Matt Anderson, Sutherland Institute, spoke in favor of the bill.
 Mr. Mark Compton, Utah Mining Association, spoke to the bill.
 Mr. Mike Styler, Director, Department of Natural Resources, spoke to the bill.
 Rep. Noel moved to replace H.B. 385 with 2nd Substitute H.B. 385.
 Rep. Noel moved to amend 2nd Substitute H.B. 385 with Amendment #1.
 Rep. Noel moved to pass 2nd Substitute H.B. 385 as amended out favorably.
 H.B. 407 Utah Public Land Management Act Amendments (Noel, M.)
 Rep. Noel explained the bill.
 Mr. Sterling Brown, Utah Farm Bureau, spoke in favor of the bill.
 Rep. Owens moved to replace H.B. 407 with 2nd Substitute H.B. 407.
 Rep. Hawkes moved to pass H.B. 407 out favorably.
 Rep. Barlow moved to amend 2nd Substitute H.B. 407 with Amendment #1 and pass 2nd Substitute H.B. 407 favorably.
 H.B. 408 State Property and School and Institutional Trust Land Amendments (Noel, M.)
 Rep. Noel explained the bill.
 Mr. David Ure, Director, School and Institutional Trust Lands Administration, spoke in favor of the bill.
 Ms Natalie Gordon, State Board of Education, spoke to the bill.
 Rep. Barlow moved to amend H.B. 408 with Amendment #1.
 Rep. Barlow moved to pass H.B. 408 as amended out favorably.
 H.C.R. 24 Concurrent Resolution on Native American Recreation and Public Purposes Grant (Noel, M.)
 Rep. Noel explained the bill.
 Mr. Gavin Noyes, Executive Director, Utah Dine Bikeyah, spoke in opposition to the bill.
 Rep. Barlow moved to amend H.C.R. 24 with Amendment #1.
 Rep. Owens moved to pass H.C.R. 24 as amended out favorably.
 H.B. 317 Antelope Island State Park Funding Amendments (Lisonbee, K.)
 Rep. Lisonbee explained the bill assisted by Mr. Ben Nadolski, Utah Division of Wildlife Resources.
 Mr Fred Hayes, Director, Division of Parks and Recreation, spoke to the bill.
 Rep. Sandall moved to table H.B. 317.
 Rep. Barlow moved to hold H.B. 317.
 Rep. Duckworth moved to approve the minutes of the February 22, 2017 and February 24, 2017 meetings.
 H.B. 427 Agriculture Commodity Zone Amendments (Stratton, K.)
 H.B. 417 was not considered.
 Rep. Watkins moved to adjourn.
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