Senate Health and Human Services Committee - March 02, 2017

250 State Capitol

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 Chair Fillmore called the meeting to order at 8:03 a.m.
 Sen. Dabakis moved to approve the minutes of the February 28, 2017 meeting.
 S.B. 270 Sudden Cardiac Arrest Prevention Act (Adams, J. S.)
 Sen. Adams explained the bill.
 Mr. Marc Watterson, Lobbyist, American Heart Association, spoke in favor of the bill.
 Sen. Shiozawa moved to pass S.B. 270 out favorably.
 2nd Sub. H.B. 50 Opioid Prescribing Regulations (Ward, R.)
 Rep. Ward explained the bill.
 Mr. Richard Nance, representing the Utah County Department of Drug and Alcohol Prevention and Treatment and the Utah Behavioral Health Committee of the Utah Association of Counties, spoke in favor of the bill. 
 Ms. Kathleen Kaufman, Government Relations, Utah Nurses Association, spoke in favor of the bill.
 Mr. Mark Brinton, General Counsel, Utah Medical Association, spoke in favor of the bill.
 Mr. Dennis Cechinni, spoke in favor of the bill.
 Sen. Vickers moved to pass 2nd Substitute H.B. 50 out favorably.
 1st Sub. H.B. 127 Health Insurance Right to Shop Amendments (Thurston, N.)
 Rep. Thurston explained the bill.
 Sen. Christensen assumed the chair.
 Sen. Shiozawa moved to pass 1st Substitute H.B. 127 out favorably.
 H.B. 262 Dental Licensing Amendments (Poulson, M.)
 Rep. Poulson presented the bill with the assistance of Mr. Monte Thompson, Director, Utah Dental Association.
 Rep. Paulsen said that Ronald S. Bowan of the Dentist and Dental Hygienist Licensing Board could not attend the meeting but sends his support of the bill.
 Sen. Vickers moved to pass H.B. 262 out favorably.
 H.B. 362 Alcohol Abuse Tracking Committee Relocation (Eliason, S.)
 Sen. Escamilla explained the bill.
 Sen. Escamilla moved to pass H.B. 362 out favorably.
 H.C.R. 19 Concurrent Resolution on Health Sciences (Redd, E.)
 Rep. Redd explained the bill.
 Ms. Kathleen Kaufman, speaking for herself, spoke in favor of the bill.
 Sen. Vickers moved to pass H.C.R. 19 out favorably.
 Sen. Vickers moved to adjourn.
 Acting Chair Christensen adjourned the meeting.
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