Senate - 2019 General Session - Day 1

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 Recording 1
 Call to Order
 Prayer-Elder Jack Gerard of the Seventy, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints
 Present Colors, Utah Air National Guard
 Pledge-General Kevin Sullivan
 National Anthem-Davis High Wind Ensemble
 Musical Presentation -Davis High Wind Ensemble
 Statement of Thanks-Senator Vickers
 Membership Certification-Leslie McLean
 Oath of Office-Senator Grover
 Oath of Office-Senator McCay
 Oath of Office-Senator Sandall
 Oath of Office-Senator Cullimore
 Oath of Office-Senator Winterton
 Oath of Office-Senator Riebe
 Oath of Office-Senator Kitchen
 Oath of Office-Davis, Iwamoto, Mayne, Millner, Stevenson, Thatcher, Vickers
 Roll Call
 Motion to Elect President
 Escort President to the Front
 Oath of Office-President Adams
 Opening Remarks-President Adams
 Comments-Senator Vickers
 Comments-Senator Mayne
 Committee from the House
 Committee to Notify the Governor
 Committee to Notify the House
 Introduction of Interns
 Report to Notify the House
 Report to Notify the Governor
 Introduction of Staff
 Matthew Hillyard Tribute
 Introduction of Bills
 Recording 2
 Call to Order
 Rules Committee Report
 Communications from the Governor
 SB18 Sunset Reauthorization - Commission for the Stewardship of Public Lands, Grover
 SB19 Sunset Reauthorization - Used Oil Management Act, Grover
 SB20 Sunset Reauthorization - Solid and Hazardous Waste Act, Grover
 SB21 Sunset Reauthorization - Air Conservation Act, Grover
 SB22 Sunset Reauthorization - Safe Drinking Water Act, Grover
 SB23 Sunset Reauthorization - Water Quality Act, Grover
 SB29 Health Care Malpractice Act Sunset Extension, Christensen
 SB30 Anesthesia and Sedation Related Provisions Reauthorization, Weiler
 SB31 Sunset Reauthorization - Speech Pathology and Audiology Licensing Act, Weiler
 SJR2 Joint Resolution Reappointing Jonathan C. Ball as Legislative Fiscal Analyst, Adams
 SJR4 Joint Rules Resolution - Base Budget Amendments, Ipson
 SJR5 Joint Rules Resolution -- Ethics Commission Amendments, Kitchen
 SJR6 Joint Rules Resolution on Future and Contingent Effective Dates, Henderson
 State of the Judiciary-Chief Justice Matthew B. Durrant
 SB10 Identification Request Amendments, Mayne
 SB12 FDIC Premium Deduction Amendments, Stevenson
 SB13 Income Tax Domicile Amendments, Bramble
 SB14 Education Reporting Requirements, Millner
 SB15 Education Recodification Repealers, Millner
 SB14 Education Reporting Requirements, Millner
 SB16 Public Utilities Committee Reports, Hemmert
 SB24 State Energy Policy Amendments, Grover
 SJR2 Joint Resolution Reappointing Jonathan C. Ball as Legislative Fiscal Analyst, Adams
 SB25 Records Committees, Harper
 SB27 Governmental Nonprofit Corporation Meetings Amendments, Henderson
 SB33 Political Procedures Amendments, Harper
 Introduction of Bills
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