Senate - 2014 General Session - Day 12

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 Recording 1
 Call to Order
 Prayer- Reverend Patty C. Willis, South Valley Unitarian Universalist Society
 Prayer, Pledge, Quorum
 Rules Committee Report
 Standing Committee Reports
 Introduction of Bills
 Third Reading Calendar
 SB 123 -Valentine, Interlocal Cooperation Act Revisions
 Time Certain -Adams, Davis High Citation
 SB 133 -Valentine, Benefit Corporation Amendments
 SCR 1 -Osmond, Concurrent Resolution Recognizing the 60th Anniversary of the Inclusion of Under God in the Pledge of Allegiance
 Personal Privilege -Henderson
 Personal Privilege -Madsen
 SB 160 -Valentine, Workers Compensation Amendments
 Time Certain- Shiozawa, Heart on the Hill
 SB 23 -Jenkins, School Construction Amendments, uncircled
 1SB 99 -Jenkins, Natural Gas State Vehicle Requirments, uncircled
 Second Reading Calendar
 SB 14 -Weiler, Long-term Care Partnership
 Personal Privilege -Jones
 Personal Privilege -Vickers
 SB 121 -Christensen, Tobacco Settlement Restricted Account Amendments
 SB 125 -Henderson, Retired Volunteer Health Care Practitioner Amendments
 SB 126 -Harper, Child Welfare Amendments, circled
 SB 132 -Harper, Human Services Amendments
 SB 168 -Christensen, Charity Care Amendments
 SCR 5 -Dayton, Concurrent Resolution Supporting the Master Plan
 Personal Privilege -Madsen
 SB 19 -Stephenson, Appointment and Qualification of Members of the State Tax Commission, circled
 SJR 7 -Valentine, Joint Resolution Regarding Qualifications of State Tax Commission Members, circled
 SB 144 -Valentine, Driver License Modifications
 SB 154 -Jenkins, All-terrain Vehicle Amendments, circled
 SB 166 -Madsen, Energy Amendments
 SB 108 -Hillyard, Judiciary Amendments
 SB 154 -Jenkins, All-terrain Vehicle Amendments, uncircled
 Personal Privilege -Henderson
 SB 115 -Jones, Court Transcript Fees
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