Senate - 2014 General Session - Day 29

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 Recording 1
 Call to Order
 Prayer -Patrick Painter
 Prayer, Pledge, Quorum
 Standing Committee Reports
 Introduction of Bills
 Personal Privilege -Madsen
 Personal Privilege -Hillyard
 Personal Privilege -Stevenson
 Personal Privilege -Van Tassell
 Consent Calendar
 SJR 16 -Hillyard, Joint Rules Resolution -Legislative Compensation and Expense Revisions
 SR 2 -Hillyard, Senate Rules Resolution -Legislative per Diem Amendments
 HB 290 -Jones, Criminal Code -General Provisions
 2HB 261 -Hinkins, Domestic Horse Disposal
 SB 187 -Adams, Highway Rights-of-way Amendments
 2HB 245 -Bramble, State Fire Code Amendments, circled
 Concurrence Calendar
 SB 123 -Valentine, Interlocal Cooperation Act Revisions. circled
 Third Reading Calendar
 SB 158 -Jenkins, Cemetery Amendments
 SB 178 -Vickers, Controlled Substance Database Modifications
 1SB 44 -Mayne, Workers Compensation and Employee Misconduct
 SB 96 -Mayne, Veterans Assistance Registry
 SB 43 -Reid, Intergenerational Poverty Interventions in Public Schools
 SB 89 -Urquhart, Amendments to Definition of Public Utility, circled
 SB 150 -Reid, Education Task Force Reauthorization
 2SB 97 -Weiler, Lobbyist Disclosure and Regulation Act Amendments, substituted, amended
 1SB 135 -Jenkins, Voter Registration Amendments, substituted
 2SB 45 -Stevenson, Military Installation Development Authority Amendments, uncircled, amended
 SB 123 -Valentine, Interlocal Cooperation Act Revisions, uncircled
 Senate Bills Second Reading Calendar
 SB 172 -Harper, Capital Improvement and Capital Development Project Amendments
 SB 164 -Davis, Environmental Protection Amendments, circled
 SB 52 -Van Tassell, Utility Relocation on Highway Projects
 SB 149 -Osmond, Drowsy Driving Amendments, substituted
 SB 162 -Thatcher, Secondhand Sales Amendments, substituted
 SJR 13 -Valentine, Joint Rules Resolution Modifying Eligibility Requirements for Independent Legislative Ethics Commission Members
 SB 171 -Stephenson, Student-centered Learning Pilot Program
 SB 84 -Okerlund, Amendments to Governors Rural Boards
 2SB 169 -Henderson, Public Meeting Materials Requirements, amended
 Personal Privilege -Dabakis
 Personal Privilege -Vickers
 2HB 245 -Bramble, State Fire Code Amendments, uncircled
 Introduction of Bills
 Recording 2
 Call to Order
 Rules Committee Report
 Standing Committee Reports
 Personal Privilege -Robles
 Third Reading Calendar
 SB 89 -Urquhart, Amendments to Definition of Public Utility, uncircled
 Senate Bills Second Reading Calendar
 1SB 55 -Vickers, Pharmaceutical Dispensing Amendments, amended
 SB 63 -Robles, Compact for Interstate Sharing of Putative Father Registry Information
 SB 176 -Okerlund, Local Funding for Rural Health Care Amendments
 SB 92 -Davis, Metal Theft Amendments
 SB 60 -Valentine, Fuel Excise Tax Amendments, amended
 SB 136 -Stephenson, Local Elections Amendments
 1SB 180 -Harper, Property Tax Modifications
 1SB 139 -Harper, Transportation Funding Revisions, circled
 SB 86 -Hillyard, Legislative per Diem Revision
 SB 61 -Henderson, Revisions to Property Tax, amended
 SB 65 -Stephenson, Sales and Use Tax Exemption Modifications
 SB 56 -Bramble, Risk Management Amendments, substituted
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