Senate - 2014 General Session - Day 31

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 Recording 1
 Call to Order
 Prayer -Imam Muhammed Mehtar, Islamic Society of Greater Salt Lake
 Prayer, Pledge, Quorum
 Standing Committee Reports
 Introduction of Bills
 Personal Privilege -Mayne
 Consent Calendar
 Personal Privilege -Stephenson
 HB 321 -Jones, Refugee Services Coordination Amendments
 HB 327 -Knudson, Veterans Employment Opportunity Amendments
 HB 203 -Hillyard, Bail Bond Recovery Licensure Board Amendments
 HB 247 - Dabakis, Court Parking Facilities
 HB 304 -Jenkins, Law Enforcement Volunteer Amendments
 SB 198 -Adams, Law Enforcement Exemption for Medical Information
 HB 309 -Hinkins, State Veterinarian Amendments
 SB 83 - Hillyard, Local Sales and Use Tax Act Amendments
 SB 199 -Bramble, Amendments to Emergency Telephone Service Law
 SB 203 -Bramble, Immigration Amendments
 1HB 267 -Shiozawa, Aging and Adult Services Amendments
 Concurrence Calendar
 1SB 103 - Osmond, Local Control of Classroom Time Requirements, circled
 SB 130 -Harper, Trust Deed Foreclosure Amendments
 Third Reading Calendar
 HB 264 -Mayne, Disabled Parking Fine Amendments
 HB 16 -Urquhart, Wrongful Lien Amendments
 HB 76 -Harper, Insurance Related Revisions
 HB 260 -Van Tassell, Local School Board Candidate Reporting Amendments
 HB 295 -Weiler, Weapons Law Exemptions
 HB 296 -Weiler, Concealed Weapon Permit Exemptions Amendments
 HB 36 -Henderson, Charter School Enrollment Amendments
 Personal Privilege, Valentine
 1HB 92 -Christensen, Utah Education and Telehealth Network Amendments
 HB 98 -Shiozawa, Utah Optometry Practice Act Amendments
 HB 289 -Urquhart, Traffic-control Signal Amendments
 1 HB 225 -Hinkins, Primary Law Enforcement Duties for Sheriffs
 1 HB 253 - Valentine, State Fair Corporation Board Amendments
 HB 217 - Christensen, Service Animals
 3 HB 283 - Bramble, Nonprofit Entity Receipt of Government Money, reconsider action
 1SB 103 - Osmond, Local Control of Classroom Time Requirements, uncircled
 House Bills Second Reading Calendar
 1HB 17 -Harper, Interlocal Act Amendments, circled
 1HB 71 -Weiler, Distribution of Intimate Images, uncircled
 Recording 2
 Call to Order
 Rules Committee Report
 Standing Committee Reports
 House Bills Second Reading Calendar
 Christensen -Open bill file
 HB 238 -Van Tassell, Local Referendum Requirements Amendments
 HB 339 -Henderson, County Budget Amendments, circled
 HB 93 -Stephenson, Property Tax Assessment Amendments, circled
 1HB 282 -Van Tassell, Amendments to Election Laws, uncircled, substituted
 Senate Bills Second Reading Calendar
 SB 87 -Mayne, Contractor Employee Amendments
 1SB 143 -Weiler, Nail Technician Practice Amendments, amended, tabled
 1HB 71 -Weiler, Distribution of Intimate Images, uncircled, amended
 Personal Privilege -Urquhart
 SB 57 -Shiozawa, Autism Services Amendments, uncircled
 2 SB 111 -Osmond, Education Funding Equalization, uncircled
 SB 66 -Robles, Community Health Worker Certification Act
 2HB 24 -Bramble, Insurance Related Amendments, lifted from table, amended
 1HB 17 -Harper, Interlocal Act Amendments, uncircled, amended
 SCR 3 -Jones, Concurrent Resolution on the School of Dentistry Serving Underprivileged Children
 2SB 46 -Madsen, Administrative Subpoena Modifications
 2HB 59 -Bramble, National Guard Program Amendments, lifted from table
 1SB 139 -Harper, Transportation Funding Revisions, uncircled, substituted
 HB 127 -Bramble, Consumer Lending Amendments, moved to Time Certain
 SB 185 -Henderson, Law Enforcement Transparency, amended
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