Senate - 2014 General Session - Day 45

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 Recording 1
 Call to Order
 Prayer, Pledge, Quorum
 Concurrence Calendar
 SB 43 -Reid, Intergenerational Poverty Interventions in Public Schools
 1SB 57 -Shiozawa, Autism Services Amendments
 4SB 69 -Urquhart, Prejudgment Interest Revisions
 SB 75 -Christensen, Primary Care Grants Amendments
 3SB 179 -Jenkins, Procurement Revisions
 1SB 193 -Adams, Naturopathic Practice Act Amendments
 SB 268 -Stevenson, Prison Relocation Commission
 2nd reading Calendar
 1HB 336 - Valentine, Court System Task Force, circled
 1HB 71 - Weiler, Distribution of Intimate Images, amended
 HB 370 -Davis, Canal Safety Amendments, uncircled, amended
 HB 212 -Adams, DNA Collection Amendments
 1HB 320 -Osmond, Educators Professional Learning
 HB 39 -Vickers, Election Law - Independent Expenditures Amendments
 3HB 246 -Bramble, Government Ethics Revision, substituted, amended
 HJR 12 -Weiler, Joint Resolution on Appointment of Legal Counsel for Executive Officers, intent language added
 1HB 207 -Dayton, Massage Therapy Practice Act Amendments, circled
 1HB 324 -Henderson, Ortho-bionomy Exemption Amendments, circled
 2HB 38 -Okerlund, Resource Stewardship Amendments, circled
 1HB 116 -Bramble, School Construction Modifications, circled
 HB 140 -Bramble, Tax Credit Amendments
 2HB 38 -Hinkins, Resource Stewardship Amendments, uncircled
 3HB 150 -Urquhart, Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Amendments, uncircled
 1HB 207 -Dayton, Massage Therapy Practice Act Amendments, uncircled, amended
 1HB 116 -Bramble, School Construction Modifications, uncircled, amended
 1HB 324 -Henderson, Ortho-bionomy Exemption Amendments, uncircled
 1HB 336 -Valentine, Court System Task Force, uncircled
 HB 94 -Weiler, Workers Compensation and Home and Community Based Services
 HB 102 -Adams, Assessment Area Amendment, uncircled, substituted, amended
 Personal Privilege -Osmond
 Third Tabled Reading Calendar
 1HB 34 - Jenkins, Tourism Marketing Performance Account Amendments. amended, circled
 Call to Order
 HB 61 -Vickers, Clean Air Amendments, refuse to recede
 1HB 34 -Jenkins, Tourism Marketing Performance Account Amendments, uncircled, amended
 HB 329, HB 337 moved to top of Second Reading Calendar
 HB 329 -Osmond, Programs for Youth Protection
 HB 337 -Stephensen, Teacher Salary Supplement Program Amendments
 4HB 246 -Bramble, Government Ethics Revisions, reconsider action, moved to Second Reading Calendar, circled
 HB 408 -Harper, Election Requirements Amendments
 1HB 171 -Adams, Natural Gas Facilities Amendments, circled
 HB 221 -Bramble, School Community Council Revisions
 1HB 382 -Stevenson, Limited Purpose Local Government Entities Amendment, circled
 1HB 415 -Shiozawa, Local and Special Service District Elections, substituted
 1HB 138 -Stephenson, Underground Petroleum Storage Tank, substituted
 Concurrence Calendar
 SB 16 -Robles, Veterans Tuition Gap Coverage, concur
 2SB 22 -Knudson, Workforce Service Job Listing Amendments, concur
 1SB 40 -Jones, Financial and Economic Literacy Amendments, concur
 SB 70 -Henderson, State Data Portal Amendments, concur
 SB 104 -Osmond, Improvement of Reading Instruction, concur
 2SB 109 -Osmond, Radon Awareness Campaign, concur
 1SB 131 -Osmond, Student Leadership Grant, concur
 SB 140 -Mayne, Advanced Placement Test Funding, concur
 SB 150 -Reid, Education Task Force Reauthorization, concur
 2SB 233 -Valentine, Utah Small Business Jobs Act, concur
 1SB 241 -Jenkins, County Jail Contracting Amendments, concur
 SB 259 -Madsen, Victim Reparations Fund Amendments, concur
 SJR 20 -Okerlund, Master Study Resolution, concur
 Second Reading Calendar
 4HB 246 -Bramble, Government Ethics Revisions, substituted
 Conference Committee Report
 1SB 184 -Adams, Local Government Inspection Amendments, moved to third reading calendar
 Recording 2
 HB 336 -Valentine, Court System Task Force, recall
 Personal Privilege -Bramble
 Second Reading Calendar
 HB 132 -Christensen, Temporary Homeless Youth Shelter Amendments
 3HB 243 -Bramble, Amendments to the Fund of Funds, uncircled, amended
 HB 404 -Stevenson, Court Security Fee Amendments, uncircled
 Lift HB 147, HB 152, 1HB 213, 2HB 70, HB 399, HCR 8, HB 97 2HB 401, HB 197, 3HB 379, HCR 13 HCR 10 to top of Second Reading Calendar, move HB 437, 1HB 388 on Second Reading Calendar
 3HB 243 -Bramble, Amendments to the Fund of Funds, reconsider action
 HB 147 - Vickers, Peace Officer Agreements with Federal Agencies
 HB 152 -Adams, Highway Sponsorship Program Act
 1HB 213 -Stephenson, Criminal Penalties for Sexual Contact with a Student
 3HB 243 - Bramble, Amendments to the Fund of Funds, move to top of Second Reading Calendar, amended
 2HB 70 -Robles, Forcible Entry Amendments
 HB 399 -Bramble, Truancy Amendments
 HCR 8 -Stevenson, Concurrent Resolution Regarding Moving the Prison
 HB 97 -Dayton, Limitation on Local Government Regulation of Animals, amended
 2HB 401 -Valentine, Utah Medicaid Program, circled
 HB 197 -Urquhart, Daylight Saving Time Study
 3HB 379 -Henderson, Transparency of Ballot Propositions
 Conference Committee Report
 4HB 150 - Urquhart, Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Amendments
 HCR 13 -Hinkins, Concurrent Resolution on Transfer of Public Lands Act
 Call to Order
 Conference Committee Report
 HB 61 -Vickers, Clean Air Programs
 Concurrence Calendar
 2SB 93 -Stephenson, Internal Audit Amendments, concur
 2SB 122 -Osmond, Parental Rights in Public Education, concur
 2SB 201 -Jenkins, Expungement Modifications, concur
 4SB 229 -Weiler, Adoption Act Amendments, concur
 Second Reading Calendar
 1HB 382 - Stevenson, Limited Purpose Local Government Entities Amendments, uncircled, substituted
 Move HB 419, 1HB 201, HB 412, 1HB 129, 2HB 268, 1HB 381, HB 277, move 2HB 158, 1HB 67, HB 176, 3HB 134, HB 427, HB 185, 1HB 183, 2HB 44
 HCR 10 -Vickers, Concurrent Resolution on School and Institutional Trust Lands Exchange Act
 HB 437 -Madsen, Capitol Preservation Board Donation Amendments
 HB 419 -Stephenson, Charter School Revisions
 2HB 401 -Valentine, Utah Medicaid Program, uncircled
 1HB 201 - Valentine, Visitation Amendments, substituted, amended, circled
 Recording 3
 Call to Order
 Concurrence Calendar
 3SB 120 -Jenkins, Shelter Animal Vaccine Amendments, circled
 SB 209 -Adams, School Grading Revisions, concur
 1SB 248 -Bramble, Judicial Retention Election Amendments, concur
 2SB 53 -Dayton, Amendments to Private Investigator Regulations, concur
 SB 265 -Robles, Law Enforcement Services Account, circled
 Second Reading Calendar
 HB 412 -Vickers, State of Utah Transportation Plan for Dixie National Forest
 1HB 129 -Stevenson, Surplus Lines Insurance Amendments
 2HB 268 -Madsen, Dangerous Weapons Amendments, Final Passage
 1HB 381 -Bramble, Local Government Interfund Loans
 HB 277 -Valentine, Music Therapist Licensure Amendments
 4HB 158 -Vickers, Grazing and Timber Agricultural Commodity Zones in Utah
 1HB 67 -Hinkins, Political Subdivision Jurisdiction Amendments
 HB 176 -Hillyard, Food Handler Permit Amendments
 HB 3 -Hillyard, Appropriations Adjustments
 3HB 134 -Reid, Firearm Safety Amendments, substituted
 HB 427 -Hillyard, Asset Forfeiture Revisions
 HB 185 -Weiler, Juvenile Detention Facilities Amendments
 1HB 129 -Stevenson, Surplus Lines Insurance Amendments, uncircled
 1HB 183 -Okerlund, Federal Land Exchange and Sales Amendments
 2HB 44 -Bramble, Interstate Electric Transmission Lines, uncircled, substituted
 1HB 388 -Stevenson, Amendments to Transportation Funding, circled
 HB 93 -Stephenson, Property Tax Assessment Amendments
 HB 3 -Hillyard, Appropriations Adjustments, amended
 2HB 9 -Harper, Revenue Bond and Capital Facilities Amendments
 Knudson - Move HB 433, HB 159, HB 190, HB 411, 1HB 326, 1HB 429, HCR 7, HJR 13, 1HB 118, 3HB 146, HB 428, HB 335, HJR 23 ,HB 111, HB 103, 1HCR 12, 1 HB 177, 9HB 112 to top of Second Reading Calendar
 Concurrence Calendar
 3SB 120 -Jenkins, Shelter Animal Vaccine Amendments, uncircled, concur
 SB 265 -Robles, Law Enforcement Services Account, uncircled, concur
 1SB 51 -Stevenson, Local Government Entities Amendments, concur
 SB 237 -Adams, Urban Farming Amendments, concur
 2SB 263 -Stevenson, Small Business Innovation Research, concur
 5SB 36 -Mayne, Voter Information Amendments, concur
 4HB 44 -Bramble, Interstate Electric Transmission Lines, reconsider action, amended
 Call to Order
 Second Reading Calendar
 1HB 422 -Adams, Initiative and Referendum Impact Disclosure
 Knudson, Request from House, HB 393 lifted and placed 2nd Reading Calendar
 HB 433 -Stephenson, Peace Officer Merit Amendments
 HB 388 -Stevenson, Amendments to Transportation Funding, motion to uncircle failed
 HB 159 -Dayton, Regulation of Child Care Programs
 HB 190 -Henderson, Breathalyzer Amendments
 HB 103 -Bramble, State Money Management Act Amendments, Osmond motion to move to top of the Second Reading Calendar, failed
 2HB 201 -Valentine, Visitation Amendments, uncircled, amended
 HB 411 -Hillyard, Victim Resolution Amendments
 Adams, Request from House, move HB 170, HB 111, HB 397, 2HB 56 to top of Second Reading Calendar
 1HB 171 -Adams, Natural Gas Facilities Amendments, uncircled
 Concurrence Calendar
 1SB 112 -Davis, Game Fowl Fighting Amendments, refuse to concur
 2SB 186 -Harper, Contractor Licensing and Continuing Education Amendments, concur
 3SB 34 -Stephenson, Statewide Data Alliance and Utah Futures, concur
 1SB 136 - Stephenson, Local Elections Amendments, circled
 Second Reading Calendar
 HB 170 -Stephenson, Local School Board Bond Amendments
 Knudson, House request to lift 1HB 344, HB 193, 1HB 133, 1HB 177, 1HB 373, 1HB 118, HB 375, 1HB 377, 2HB 56, HB 174, HB 389, HB 397, 3HB 89, 1HB 251, HB 416, HB 368 to top of Second Reading Calendar
 1HB 344 -Van Tassell, Incorporation Election Amendments
 HB 160 -Okerlund, Utah Wilderness Act
 HB 193 -Henderson, Appropriations and Budgeting Amendments
 1HB 133 -Adams, Contingent Management for Federal Facilities
 1HB 177 -Thatcher, Juror and Witness Fee Amendments
 1HB 373 -Madsen, Firearm Transfer Certification Amendments, amended
 1HB 118 -Valentine, Personal Injury Damages Amendments, reinstate language
 Knudson, Request from House to move HB 112, HB 393, HB 326, HB 81
 Concurrence Calendar
 1SB 136 -Stephenson, Local Elections Amendments, uncircled, concur
 1SB 271 -Bramble, Postjudgment Interest Amendments, concur
 Valentine, motion to move HB 103 to top of Second Reading Calendar
 HB 103 - Bramble, State Money Management Act Amendments
 HB 375 -Hinkins, Parent-time after Relocation of a Parent
 Third Reading Calendar
 1HB 336 -Valentine, Court System Task Force, strike the enacting clause
 Second Reading Calendar
 HB 111 -Henderson, School Building Costs Reporting
 1HB 326 -Urquhart, State Construction Code Revisions
 9HB 112 -Christensen, Regulation of Electronic Cigarettes, substituted
 1HB 393 -Vickers, Insurance Producer Amendments
 Strike Enacting Clause
 Report from the House
 Personal Privilege - Christensen
 Personal Privilege - Henderson
 Personal Privilege - Dayton
 President Niederhauser
 Report - Van Tassell
 Personal Privilege - Hillyard
 Report - Stevenson
 Personal Privilege - Adams
 Personal Privilege - Davis
 Personal Privilege - Knudson
 Personal Privilege - Davis
 Personal Privilege - Osmond
 Personal Privilege - Christensen
 Governor Gary Herbert
 Personal Privilege - Jones
 President Niederhauser
 Adjourn Sine Die
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