Senate - 2015 General Session - Day 18

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 Recording 1
 Call to Order
 Prayer -Ben Shelly of the Navajo Nation
 Prayer, Pledge, Quorum
 Personal Privilege -Henderson
 Committee of the Whole, Musical Presentation from Students of the Nebo School District
 Personal Privilege -Van Tassell
 Time Certain -Stew Morrill Citation, Hillyard
 Personal Privilege -Dayton
 Personal Privilege -Escamilla
 Personal Privilege -Stevenson
 Standing Committee Reports
 Introduction of Bills
 Consent Calendar
 SB 143 -Title and Escrow Modifications, Bramble, passed
 SB 73 -Office of State Debt Collection Amendments, Hillyard, passed
 SB 41 -Utah Science Center Authority Amendments, Weiler, passed
 SB 128 -Long-term Disability Insurance Plan Amendments, Dayton, passed
 HB 56 -Property Tax Definition Amendments, Harper, passed
 SB 144 -Modifications to Income Tax, Henderson, passed
 Concurrence Calendar
 SB 17 -Employment Support Act Revisions, Shiozawa, concurred, passed
 1SB 63 -Workers' Compensation Fund Amendments, Bramble, concurred, passed
 Third Reading Calendar
 HB 20 -Jury Duty Amendments, Osmond, passed
 Recording 2
 Call to Order
 Rules Committee Report
 Motion for Time Certain -Osmond, SB 97
 Time Certain - HB 33 -American Indian-Alaskan Native Education Amendments, Van Tassell, suspended rules, passed
 Personal Privilege -Van Tassell
 Third Reading Calendar
 HB 125 -Fishing License Amendments, Shiozawa, passed
 1HB 17 -Motor Vehicle Emissions, Bramble, passed
 HB 29 -Liquefied Petroleum Gas Board Amendments, Bramble, passed
 HB 99 -Association Open Meeting Amendments, Adams, passed
 HB 12 -Utah Retirement System Amendments, Weiler, passed
 HB 75 -Children's Health Insurance Program Amendments, Knudson, passed
 Second Reading Calendar House Bills
 HB 70 -Posting Political Signs on Public Property, Jackson, substituted
 Motion to Lift Bill -Bramble, SCR 6
 1HB 41 -Local Economic Development Amendments, Okerlund, uncircled, amended
 HJR 4 -Joint Resolution Regarding Conference Committee Reports, Weiler
 2HB 81 -Local School Board Meetings Requirements, Henderson
 HB 103 -Taxation of Property Amendments, Vickers, circled
 1 HB 98 -Association Amendments, Urquhart
 HJR 6 -Joint Rules Resolution Providing for Reimbursement for Legislative Training Days, Okerlund
 1HB 69 -English Language Arts Instructional Tool, Stephenson
 1HB 69 -English Language Arts Instructional Tool, Stephenson, tabled
 HJR 6 -Joint Rules Resolution Providing for Reimbursement for Legislative Training Days, Okerlund, tabled
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