Senate - 2015 General Session - Day 31

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 Recording 1
 Call to Order
 Richie Steadman
 Prayer, Pledge, Quorum
 Time Certain -Carden Memorial, Iwamoto
 Time Certain -Brighton High Girl's Basketball Team, Shiozawa
 Personal Privilege -Van Tassell
 Personal Privilege -Henderson
 Introduction of Bills
 Consent Calendar
 HB 117 -Public Meeting Notice Requirements, Vickers, passed
 HB 172 -Payroll Services Amendments, Osmond, passed
 SB 124 -Land Use Amendments, Stevenson, passed
 SB 201 -Sales and Use Tax Exemption Revisions, Stephenson, passed
 1HB 227 -Real Estate Amendments, Weiler, passed
 SB 203 -Immigration Consultants Amendments, Escamilla, passed
 1HB 187 -Amendments to Health and Human Services Funds, Christensen, passed
 HJR 12 -Joint Resolution on Homeless and Runaway Youth, Escamilla, passed
 SCR 8 -Concurrent Resolution Regarding Transportation for Persons with Disabilities, Mayne, passed
 HB 84 -Lead Recycling Amendments, Jenkins, passed
 SB 225 -Irrigation Service Water Rights Amendments, Van Tassell, passed
 HB 188 -Transportation Corridor Preservation Amendments, Jackson, passed
 HB 195 -Traffic Code Repealer, Bramble, passed
 Concurrence Calendar
 SB 58 -Municipal and County Officials Attendance At School District Board Meetings, Harper, concurred, passed
 Third Reading Calendar
 1SB 127 -Transport of Railroad Employees, Mayne, uncircled, passed
 SJR 2 -Proposal to Amend Utah Constitution -- Rights of Political Parties, Jenkins, uncircled, amended, failed
 Time Certain SB 54 -Credit Monitoring for Minors, Osmond, amended
 Time Certain SB 196 -Math Competency Initiative, Millner, substituted
 Motion to Move Bill HB 206 -Knudson
 Recording 2
 Call to Order
 Advice and Consent
 Rules Committee Report
 Stan Rosenzweig Citation -Shiozawa
 Third Reading Calendar
 1HB 149 -Utah Research Institute for Mine Safety and Productivity, Hinkins, passed
 HB 184 -Victim Restitution Amendments, Weiler, passed
 3HB 166 -Election Revisions, Harper, passed
 HB 194 -Occupational Therapy License Amendments, Iwamoto, passed
 HB 218 -Nurse Practice Act Amendments, Vickers, passed
 Personal Privilege -Hillyard
 HB 83 -Crimes Against Health Care Providers in Correctional System, Dayton, passed
 Time Certain SB 153 -Access to Health Care, Christensen, failed
 1SB 133 -Podiatric Physician Amendments, Hinkins, circled
 HJR 8 -Proposal to Amend Utah Constitution -- Oath of Office Change, Osmond, circled
 HCR 3 -Concurrent Resolution Recognizing the 100th Anniversary of the Settlement of Clarion, Utah, Dabakis, passed
 2HB 73 -Nepotism Amendments, Iwamoto, passed
 HB 192 -Property Rights Ombudsman Amendments, Weiler, circled
 HB 191 -Utah Emergency Medical Services System Act Amendments, Christensen, circled
 SB 167 -Juvenile Offender Amendments, Osmond, circled
 1HB 168 -Unclaimed Life Insurance and Annuity Benefits, Bramble, circled
 HB 192 -Property Rights Ombudsman Amendments, Weiler, uncircled, passed
 HB 191 -Utah Emergency Medical Services System Act Amendments, Christensen, uncircled, passed
 Motion to Lift Bill SR 2 -Van Tassell
 SR 2 -Resolution Amending Standing Committee Rules, Van Tassell, amended, passed
 Personal Privilege -Mayne, Escamilla, Davis
 Personal Privilege -Van Tassell
 4HB 140 -Sovereign Lands Around Bear Lake, Jenkins, uncircled, amended
 Motion to Lift Bill HJR 2 -Niederhauser
 Third Reading Calendar
 HB 238 -License Plate Obstruction Amendments, Mayne, passed
 1HB 168 -Unclaimed Life Insurance and Annuity Benefits, Bramble, uncircled, passed
 5HB 94 -Investigational Drug and Device Access for Terminally Ill Patients, Vickers, passed
 Second Reading Calendar
 Motion to Suspend Rules -Okerlund
 HJR 2 -Joint Resolution Reappointing Legislative General Counsel, Niederhauser, passed
 SCR 4 -Concurrent Resolution Regarding the Creation of National Monuments, Urquhart
 SB 160 -Transportation Funding Amendments, Van Tassell
 Motion for Time Certain SCR 6 -Bramble
 1SB 85 -Truth in Advertising Amendments, Weiler, uncircled, substituted, amended, failed
 Standing Committee Reports
 Introduction of Bills
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