Senate - 2015 General Session - Day 35

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 Recording 1
 Call to Order
 Prayer -Louenda Downs
 Prayer, Pledge, Quorum
 Introduction of Bills
 Consent Calendar
 SB 229 -Child Support Guidelines Advisory Committee Extension, Hillyard, passed
 HB 174 -Procurement Code Modification, Adams, passed
 1HB 205 -Veteran Claim Assistance Disclosure, Knudson, passed
 HB 280 -Utah National Guard Command Structure Amendments, Dayton, passed
 SJR 14 -Joint Resolution Supporting Creation of a GI Bill for the Utah National Guard, Mayne, passed
 SB 241 -Sales Tax Amendments, Harper, passed
 Concurrence Calendar
 2SB 93 -Uniform Commercial Code Filing Amendments, Hillyard, concurred, passed
 Third Reading Calendar
 2SB 42 -General Assistance Program Changes, Escamilla, passed
 Personal Privilege -Hinkins
 1SB 49 -Bear Lake Sovereign Lands Amendments, Iwamoto, uncircled, passed
 SB 169 -Contact Lens Consumer Protection Act Amendments, Henderson, amended, passed
 Personal Privilege -Jenkins
 1SB 165 -Property Tax Valuation and Assessment Modifications, Bramble, passed
 1SB 182 -Amendments to Sales and Use Tax Exemptions, Bramble, passed
 3SB 137 -Campaign and Financial Reporting Requirements Revisions, Weiler, passed
 4SB 101 -Adoption Amendments, Weiler, passed
 2HB 107 -Political Issues Committee Amendments, Jackson, passed
 SB 174 -Registered Agents Amendments, Hillyard, circled
 SB 37 -Data Reporting Regarding Front-line Teachers, Osmond, passed
 Motion for Time Certain SB 239 -Weiler
 HB 51 -Voter Eligibility Amendments, Stevenson, passed
 SB 134 -Game Fowl Fighting - Amendments, Davis, passed
 SB 150 -Driving Under the Influence Sentencing Revisions, Jenkins, passed
 SB 179 -Amendments to Economic Development, Shiozawa, amended, passed
 2SB 116 -Public School Dropout Recovery, Osmond, passed
 SB 69 -Clean-burning Fuel for Motor Pools, Jenkins, passed
 SB 180 -Arbitration Amendments, Urquhart, amended, passed
 SB 157 -Government Records Access and Management Act Amendments, Bramble, circled
 1SB 190 -Mobile Home Park Helpline, Thatcher, passed
 Motion to Reconsider 1SB 165 -Bramble
 Recording 2
 Call to Order
 Standing Committee Reports
 Rules Committee Report
 Introduction of Bills
 Third Reading Calendar
 1SB 165 -Property Tax Valuation and Assessment Modifications, Bramble, circled
 SB 174 -Registered Agents Amendments, Hillyard, uncircled, passed
 1SB 165 -Property Tax Valuation and Assessment Modifications, Bramble, uncircled, passed
 1HJR 8 -Proposal to Amend Utah Constitution -- Oath of Office Change, Osmond, uncircled, passed
 1SB 158 -Pharmacy Amendments, Vickers, passed
 SB 202 -Conservation Commission Employees, Okrlund, passed
 Second Reading Calendar
 SCR 7 -Concurrent Resolution Regarding a Military Test Site in Western Utah, Bramble, circled
 SJR 15 -Joint Resolution Encouraging Utah Workers Be Employed in the Prison Relocation Efforts, Mayne
 SCR 7 -Concurrent Resolution Regarding a Military Test Site in Western Utah, Bramble, uncircled
 SB 189 -Oil and Gas Conservation Account Amendments, Van Tassell, uncircled
 SB 183 -Judicial Salaries and Compensation, Hillyard, uncirlced
 1SB 122 -State Surplus Property Amendments, Weiler
 1SB 138 -Service District Modifications, Stevenson
 1SB 177 -Dental Hygienist Practice Amendments, Urquhart, uncircled, substituted
 1SB 82 -Forcible Entry Amendments, Urquhart, uncircled, amended
 Time Certain SB 259 -Medical Cannabis Amendments, Madsen, circled
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