Senate - 2015 General Session - Day 38

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 Recording 1
 Personal Privilege -Weiler
 Personal Privilege -Davis
 Personal Privilege -Van Tassell
 Introduction of Bills
 Consent Calendar
 HB 299 -Attorneys Lien Amendments, Weiler, circled
 SB 257 -Antitrust Amendments, Bramble, circled
 SB 271 -Health Benefit Plan Amendments, Bramble, circled
 SB 272 -Payment of Wages Amendments, Mayne, passed
 HB 299 -Attorneys Lien Amendments, Weiler, uncircled, passed
 SB 270 -Carson Smith Scholarship Amendments, Adams, passed
 SB 257 -Antitrust Amendments, Bramble, uncircled, passed
 SB 271 -Health Benefit Plan Amendments, Bramble, uncircled, passed
 Concurrence Calendar
 3SB 132 -Fiscal Requirements for Local Governments and Nonprofits, Bramble, concurred, passed
 SB 159 -Background Checks for State Accountants, Henderson, concurred, passed
 Third Reading Calendar
 1SB 239 -Retirement Withdrawal Modifications, Weiler, amended, passed
 Personal Privilege -Davis
 HB 219 -Election Day Voter Registration Pilot Project Amendments, Henderson, passed
 2HB 14 -Appropriations Limit and Mathematical Formula Amendments, Bramble, passed
 2HB 110 -Motor Vehicle Emissions Amendments, Weiler, circled
 Personal Privilege -Bramble
 Second Reading Calendar House Day
 HB 206 -Local District Service Amendments, Knudson, amended
 2HB 141 -Insurance Related Amendments, Bramble, amended
 HB 232 -Veteran Employment Protection Act, Bramble
 HB 42 -Annexation Amendments, Vickers, uncircled
 3HB 65 -Workforce Services Amendments, Osmond, uncircled
 3HB 246 -Amendments to Fire Code, Jackson
 HB 175 -Alzheimer State Plan Amendments, Christensen, tabled
 Personal Privilege -Jackson
 HB 209 -Suicide Prevention Program Amendments, Shiozawa
 HB 151 -Volunteer Firefighter Postretirement Employment Amendments, Hinkins, circled
 HB 25 -Water Law, Dayton, circled
 HB 258 -Employee Classification Amendments, Van Tassell, circled
 HB 302 -Traffic Safety Lights on Vehicles, Weiler, circled
 1HB 127 -Local Land Use Amendments, Bramble
 HB 151 -Volunteer Firefighter Postretirement Employment Amendments, Hinkins, uncircled, substituted
 HB 258 -Employee Classification Amendments, Van Tassell, uncircled
 Personal Privilege -Okerlund
 HB 314 -Money Management Act Amendments, Bramble, amended
 HJR 13 -Joint Resolution to End Unreported Federal Liabilities, Bramlbe
 Personal Privilege -Hinkins
 HB 302 -Traffic Safety Lights on Vehicles, Weiler, uncircled
 1HB 207 -Educator Tax Credit and Related Study, Millner, sustituted
 HB 76 -Insurance Cancellation and Nonrenewal Amendments, Bramble, tabled
 2HB 290 -New Car Dealership Franchise Amendments, Bramble
 Motion to Table 2HB 207 -Hillyard
 Introduction of Bills
 Recording 2
 Call to Order
 Standing Committee Reports
 Rules Committee Report
 Introduction of Bills
 Motion for Time Certain SB 296 -Urquhart
 Second Reading Calendar
 HB 25 -Water Law - Application Revisions, Dayton, uncircled
 Motion to Reconsider and Lift to Top of Third Reading Calendar 1HB 91 -Bramble
 HB 198 -Strengthening College and Career Readiness, Urquhart, tabled
 1HB 112 -Hearing Instrument Specialist Amendments, Osmond
 HB 34 -Personal Injury Damages Amendments, Urquhart, uncircled
 Motion to Lift HB 91 at the top of the Second Reading Calendar
 1HB 91 -Campaign Contributions Amendments, Weiler
 1HB 148 -State Employee Health Clinic, Adams
 3HB 173 -Recovery Dog Training Amendments, Millner
 1HB 237 -Vision Screening Amendments, Christensen
 2HB 272 -Forensic Mental Health Coordinating Council Amendments, Henderson
 HB 11 -Death Penalty Procedure Amendments, Hinkins
 2HB 131 -Tobacco Shop Amendments, Christensen, substituted
 1HB 46 -Mechanics Lien Revisions, Urquhart, uncircled
 HB 35 -Parent-time Schedule Amendments, Hillyard, amended
 Introduction of Bills
 Recording 3
 Call to Order
 Recording 4
 Call to Order
 Standing Committee Reports
 Motion to Suspend Rules to Move to Senate Calendar -Okerlund
 Third Reading Calendar
 3SB 207 -Political Activity Amendments, Bramble, uncircled, substituted, passed
 SB 198 -Alcoholic Beverage Control Amendments, Stevenson, uncircled, passed
 Second Reading Calendar
 SB 236 -Justice Court Judges Retirement Amendments, Weiler, amended
 SB 50 -Railroad Revisions, Mayne, uncircled, Sent to Rules
 SJR 17 -Joint Resolution Recognizing the 800th Anniversary of the Magna Carta, Stephenson
 SB 231 -Transportation Amendments, Harper, substituted
 SB 237 -Public Safety Amendments, Harper, substituted
 Motion for Time Certain 1HJR 7 -Bramble
 SB 209 -Volunteer Registry, Dayton, Sent to Rules
 SB 217 -Capital Improvement and Development Project Amendments, Harper, amended
 1SB 233 -Attorney General Contingent Fee Contracts, Adams, circled
 SB 247 -State Employees' Annual Leave Trust Fund Amendments, Henderson
 1SB 199 -Local Government Revisions, Mayne, circled
 1SB 221 -Alcohol Amendments, Urquhart, circled
 SB 242 -Licensing Amendments, Jenkins
 Third Reading Calendar
 SB 160 -Transportation Funding Amendments, Van Tassell, uncircled, substituted, circled
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