Senate - 2015 General Session - Day 43

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 Recording 1
 Call to Order
 Prayer, Pledge, Quorum
 Introduction of Bills
 Consent Calendar
 HB 346 -School Building Costs Reporting Amendments, Dayton, passed
 HB 245 -Incorporation Process for Cities and Towns, Van Tassell, passed
 1HB 321 -Vote by Mail Revisions, Knudson, passed
 HB 208 -School District Postemployment Health Insurance Benefits, Bramble, passed
 HB 233 -Military Education Amendments, Knudson, passed
 HB 276 -Agriculture Structure Amendments, Mayne, passed
 HB 393 -Energy Zones Amendments, Hinkins, passed
 2HB 289 -Highway Special Event Permitting, Jenkins, passed
 HB 304 -Homeowner Association Utilities Amendments, Shiozawa, passed
 HB 373 -Connected Vehicle Testing, Osmond, passed
 HJR 21 -Joint Resolution Granting Easements for Construction of a Traffic Light, Dabakis, passed
 Motion to Restore Second Reading House Calendar Bills -Okerlund
 Third Reading Calendar
 HB 314 -Money Management Act Amendments, Bramble, uncircled, substituted, passed
 HJR 13 -Joint Resolution to End Unreported Federal Liabilities, Bramble, uncircled, passed
 Personal Privilege -Thatcher - Utah's Comicon Day
 HB 11 -Death Penalty Procedure Amendments, Hinkins, uncircled, passed
 Second Reading Calendar
 HB 2 -Public Education Budget Amendments, Hillyard
 Motion to Suspend the Rules For House Budget Bills
 Third Reading Calendar
 Motion to Lift 3HB 24 -Bramble
 3HB 24 -Insurance Modifications, Bramble, amended, circled
 Second Reading Calendar
 HB 3 -Current Fiscal Year Supplemental Appropriations, Hillyard, passed
 HB 8 -State Agency and Higher Education Compensation Appropriations, Hillyard, passed
 HB 85 -Peace Officer Training Amendments, Henderson, uncircled, amended
 HB 214 -Misrepresentation of Telephone and Text Identification, Weiler
 HB 212 -Wildland Fire Liability Amendments, Escamilla, circled
 HB 226 -Air Quality Revisions, Weiler
 1HB 79 -Safety Belt Law Amendments, Bramble, uncircled, suspended rules, passed
 HB 229 -Air Quality Modifications, Weiler
 HB 212 -Wildland Fire Liability Amendments, Escamilla, uncircled, amended
 HB 243 -Vintage Vehicle Amendments, Vickers
 2HB 190 -Assessment Area Act Modifications, Adams, circled
 HB 228 -Appellate Bond Amendments, Bramble, circled
 2HB 77 -Postretirement Employment Task Force, Okerlund, circled
 1HB 118 -Public Education Human Resource Management Act Revisions, Osmond
 HB 58 -Change Application Modifications, Dayton, suspended rules, passed
 2HB 63 -Distracted Driver Amendments, Urquhart
 2HB 284 -Minor Alcohol or Drug Related Offenses and Driving Privileges, Jenkins, circled
 1HB 105 -Antidiscrimination Modifications, Iwamoto
 1HB 282 -Online Education Program Amendments, Stephenson
 2HB 284 -Minor Alcohol or Drug Related Offenses and Driving Privileges, Jenkins
 Call to Order
 Second Reading Calendar
 HB 319 -Jail Contracting Treatment Rate Amendments, Thatcher, passed, tabled
 HB 242 -State and Local Government Employee Policies, Iwamoto
 1HB 251 -Amendments to the Interlocal Act, Harper, amended
 Motion to Lift SB 300 -Okerlund
 Fiscal Note Information -Stevenson
 Third Reading Calendar
 SB 300 -Rate Committee Amendments, Hinkins, rules suspended, passed
 1HB 37 -Reauthorization of Administrative Rules, Stephenson, uncircled
 HB 119 -Charter School Finance Amendments, Stephenson, rules suspended, passed
 1HB 204 -Tax Increment Amendments, Bramble
 HB 326 -Federal Funds Commission Extension, Henderson, passed, tabled
 Motion for Time Certain 2HB 378 -Bramble
 HB 333 -Budget Reserve Account Amendments, Hillyard
 HJR 20 -Joint Resolution Amending Civil Procedure Rule 62, Bramble
 HB 228 -Appellate Bond Amendments, Bramble, uncircled
 3HB 49 -Clean Fuel School Buses and Infrastructure, Adams, circled
 1HB 124 -Education Background Check Amendments, Millner
 1HB 197 -Educator Licensing Amendments, Adams, circled
 1HB 203 -Teacher Salary Supplement Program Amendments, Stephenson, substituted, passed, tabled
 1HB 197 -Educator Licensing Amendments, Adams, uncircled
 2HB 49 -Clean Fuel School Buses and Infrastructure, Adams, uncircled, passed, tabled
 Third Reading Calendar
 Motion to Lift HJR 6 -Okerlund
 HJR 6 -Joint Rules Resolution Providing for Reimbursement for Legislative Training Days, Okerlund, passed
 3HB 24 -Insurance Modifications, Bramble, uncircled, passed
 2HB 110 -Motor Vehicle Emissions Amendments, Weiler, uncircled, passed
 Motion to Recall SB 238 -Millner
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