Senate - 2016 General Session - Day 10

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 Recording 1
 Call to Order
 Prayer, Pastor Brad Kramer, Japanese Church of Christ
 Roll Call
 Standing Committee Reports
 Rules Committee Report
 Standing Committee Reports
 Introduction of Senate Bills
 SB 35 Veteran License Plates Amendments, Knudson
 SB 51 Teacher Leader Role, Millner
 SB 67 Partnerships for Student Success, Millner
 1 SB 50 Health Code Repealer, Vickers
 HB 45 Stem Program Amendments, Urquhart
 HB 53 Business Resource Centers Amendments, Millner
 HB 43 State Instructional Materials Commission Amendments, Millner
 2 HB 58 Hemp Extract Amendments, Urquhart
 HCR 2 Concurrent Resolution Recognizing the 40th Anniversary of the Utah Indoor Clean Air Act, Okerlund
 SB 78 State Board of Education Candidate Selection, Millner
 Adjourn-Sen. Okerlund
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