Senate - 2016 General Session - Day 30

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 Call to Order
 President Niederhauser
 Prayer, Pledge, Quorum
 Daniel C. Peterson- PhD Professor BYU
 Sen. Van Tassell
 Roll Call- Paula Tew
 Communications From the House
 Standing Committee Reports
 Rules Committee Report
 Introduction of Bills
 Personal Privilege-Sen. Van Tassell NAC Program
 Personal Privilege
 Consent Calendar
 S.C.R. 14 Concurrent Resolution Designating Utah Broadcasters Awareness Week, Okerlund
  H.B. 147 State Board of Education Revisions, Adams-uncircle
 H.B. 26 Revenue and Taxation Interim Committee Report Amendments, Henderson
 1 H.B. 104 Property Taxation Amendments, Henderson
 1 H.B. 83 Campaign Finance Disclosures in Municipal Elections, Henderson
 Personal Privilege Sen. Okerland
 Personal Privilege Sen. Shiozawa
 Personal Privilege Sen. Escamilla
 Third Reading Calendar
 S.B. 100 Traffic Fines Amendments, Hillyard circle
 S.J.R. 2 Joint Resolution Calling for the Repeal of the 17th Amendment, Jackson
 H.B. 12 Disaster Recovery for Local Governments, Adams-uncircle
 S.B. 100 Traffic Fines Amendments, Hillyard-uncircle
 Time Certain-Springville Museum of Art
 S.B. 102 High Cost Infrastructure Tax Credit Amendments, Okerlund- circle
 1S.B. 106 Assault Offense Amendments, Shiozawa
 1S.B. 101 High Quality School Readiness Program Expansion, Millner
 1S.B. 74 Aviation Amendments, Harper
 3S.B. 110 Water Quality Amendments, Hinkins
 Personal Privilege Den. Shiozawa
 S.B. 69 Children's Heart Disease Special Group License Plates, Hinkins
 S.B. 118 Uintah Basin Air Quality Research Project, Van Tassell
 S.C.R. 9 Concurrent Resolution on the Public Health Crisis, Weiler-circle
 1S.B.122 Wildland Fire Policy Updates, Vickers
 S.B. 87 Administrative Rulemaking Act Modifications, Stephenson-circle
 S.B.112 Property Tax Assessment Amount Amendments, Stephenson-circle
 S.B.120 Property Tax Notice Amendments, Stephenson-circle
 S.B.126 Committee Authority Amendments, Henderson-circle
 S.B. 117 Commercial Interior Design Certification Modifications, Escamilla-circle
 S.B. 134 Oil and Gas Conservation Account Amendments, Okerlund
 S.B. 63 Survey Monument Replacement, Okerlund
 Personal Privilege-Sen. Fillmore
 S.B. 126 Committee Authority Amendments, Henderson-uncircle
 1S.B. 123 Office of Licensing Amendments, Mayne
 S.B. 117 Commercial Interior Design Certification Modifications, Escamilla-uncircle
 S.B. 87 Administrative Rulemaking Act Modifications, Stephenson-uncircle
 S.B. 112 Property Tax Assessment Amount Amendments, Stephenson-uncircle
 S.B. 120 Property Tax Notice Amendments, Stephenson-uncircle
 S.C.R. 9 Concurrent Resolution on the Public Health Crisis, Weiler-uncircle
 Committee Reports
 Recording 2
 Call to Order
 Communications From the House
 Concurrent Calendar
 House Bills
 Standing Committee Reports
 Rules Committee Report
 Introduction of Senate Bills
 Third Reading Calendar
 2S.B.133 Small Employer Retirement Amendments, Weiler
 Personal Privilege-Sen. Davis
 1H.B. 23 Privilege Tax Amendments, Bramble-circle
 H.B. 95 Political Issues Committee Amendments, Van Tassell
 1H.B. 68 Post-exposure Blood Testing Amendments, Shiozawa
 2H.B. 124 Monitoring Equipment in a Care Facility, Vickers
 H.B. 41 Fees for Supplemental Hours, Millner
 H.B. 93 Organ Donor Amendments, Shiozawa
 H.B. 161 Agriculture Parcel Amendments, Henderson-circle
 1H.B. 266 Unclaimed Capital Credits Amendments, Okerlund
 3H.B. 25 Property Tax Changes, Henderson- circle
 2H.B. 116 Determination of Employer Status Amendments, Stevenson-circle
 1H.B. 155 Reporting of Child Pornography, Weiler-2nd sub. H.B.155
 2H.B. 186 Volunteer Health Care Continuing Education Credit, Shiozawa
 1H.B. 42 Early Learning Amendments, Millner-circle
 H.B. 182 Concurrent Enrollment Education Amendments, Millner
 3H.B. 87 Clean Fuel Conversion Amendments, Weiler
 Introduction of Senate Bills
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