Senate - 2016 General Session - Day 31

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 Recording 1
 Call to Order-President Niederhauser
 Prayer Reverend Patty Willis
 Pledge Of Allegiance-Sen. Dabakis
 Roll call
 Communications From the House
 Committee Reports
 Personal Privilege-Sen. Jenkins
 Time Certain
 Concurrence Calendar
 Personal Privilege-Sen. Henderson
 Personal Privilege-Sen. Okerland
 Concurrence Calendar
 1S.B.23 Water Law - Protected Purchaser Amendments, Dayton- not to concur
 S.B.57 Public Safety Emergency Management Amendments, Mayne
 S.B. 130 Tattoo Removal, Adams
 Time Certain
 SCR 17 Concurrent Resolution Recognizing Utah's Ten Year Relationship with Liaoning, China, Niederhauser
 Committee of the Whole
 Consent Calendar
 S.B. 190 Open and Public Meetings Law Revisions, Mayne
 S.J.R. 15 Joint Rules Resolution -- Conference Committees, Van Tassell
 S.R. 2 Senate Rules Resolution -- Rules Committee Notice, Van Tassell
 H.B. 230 Workers' Compensation Fund Amendments, Bramble- uncircle
 2H.B. 163 Title Insurance Amendments, Bramble
 H.B. 267 Charitable Solicitation Act Amendments, Harper
 H.C.R. 7 Concurrent Resolution for a Statue to Recognize Father Dominguez and Father Escalante, Escamilla
 H.B. 211 Agricultural Exemption Amendments, Hinkins
 H.J.R. 3 Joint Rules Resolution Changing an Interim Committee Name, Hinkins
 S.C.R. 15 Concurrent Resolution Urging Congress to Enact the Din? College Act, Hinkins
 S.B. 162 Crime Victims Council Amendments, Van Tassell
 Personal Privilege-Sen. Vickers
 Personal Privilege-Sen. Brambler
 Committee of the Whole
 Third Reading Calendar
 H.B. 95 Political Issues Committee Amendments, Van Tassell
 2H.B. 124 Monitoring Equipment in a Care Facility, Vickers-circle
 H.B. 93 Organ Donor Amendments, Shiozawa
 1H.B. 266 Unclaimed Capital Credits Amendments, Okerlund
 2H.B. 155 Reporting of Child Pornography, Weiler
 Recording 2
 Call to Order
 Time Certain - Brain Allen, Musical Number
 Communications From the House
 Standing Committee Reports
 Personal Privilege- Sen. Henderson
 Rules Committee Report
 Introduction of Bills
 Advice and Consent
 Third reading Calendar
 1S.B. 73 Medical Cannabis Act, Madsen- uncircle
 2S.B. 73 Medical Cannabis Act, Madsen
 Personal Privilege- Urquhart
 2S.B. 73 Medical Cannabis Act, Madsen
 S.H.B. 186 Volunteer Health Care Continuing Education Credit, Shiozawa- 3S.H.B. 186
 1S.B. 122 Wildland Fire Policy Updates, Vickers-uncircle/Sub. 2S.B. 122
 2H.B. 124 Monitoring Equipment in a Care Facility, Vickers
 H.B. 68 Post-exposure Blood Testing Amendments, Shiozawa- place on top of Third Reading Calendar
 H.B. 182 Concurrent Enrollment Education Amendments, Millner
 Second Reading Calendar
 1H.B. 23 Privilege Tax Amendments, Bramble
 2H.B. 258 Solid Waste Amendments, Bramble
 H.B. 161 Agriculture Parcel Amendments, Henderson-uncircle
 1H.C.R. 5 Concurrent Resolution Recognizing the 100-year Anniversary of Our National Parks, Dabakis
 1H.B. 127 License Plate Options, Weiler
 1H.B. 167 Utah Law Enforcement Memorial Special Group License Plate, Mayne
 H.B. 170 Medical Care Savings Account Tax Credit Repeal, Henderson
 Call to Order
 Introduction of Bills
 Personal Privilege-H. Stephenson
 3H.B. 25 Property Tax Changes, Henderson
 1H.B. 42 Early Learning Amendments, Millner- amended /table
 H.C.R. 12 Concurrent Resolution Honoring Lin-manuel Miranda, Composer of the Musical Hamilton
 3S.B. 92 Water Conservation Amendments, Jenkins- uncircle
 Communications From the House
 Introduction of Bills
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