Senate - 2016 General Session - Day 38

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 Call to Order
 Prayer -Sen. Henderson
 Pledge -Sen. Davis
 Roll call -Paula Tew
 Communications From the House
 Standing Committee Reports
 Corrected Committee Report
 Personal Privilege -Vickers
 Concurrence Calendar
 S.B. 126 Committee Authority Amendments, Henderson
 S.B. 147 Revisor's Technical Corrections to Utah Code, Okerlund
 1S.C.R. 5 Concurrent Resolution in Support of Law Enforcement Officers, Jackson
 Consent Calendar
 H.B. 345 Clinic Definition Amendments, Vickers
 1H.B. 254 Resident Student Tuition Amendments, Knudson
 Third Reading Calendar
 2S.B. 102 High Cost Infrastructure Tax Credit Amendments, Okerlund
 1S.B. 212 Wildland Fire Suppression Fund, Vickers -uncircle
 H.B. 282 State Contractor Employee Health Coverage Amendments, Bramble
 H.J.R. 10 Joint Resolution Authorizing the Lease of a Portion of the Utah State Developmental Center's Land, Dayton
 H.B. 213 Agricultural Modifications, Dayton
 H.B. 183 County Option Sales and Use Tax for Highways and Public Transit Amendments, Van Tassell
 H.B. 320 Metro Township Revisions, Harper
 H.B. 51 Recodification of Postretirement Reemployment Provisions, Weiler
 H.B. 63 Fees for Government Records Requests, Bramble
 Personal Privilege Sen. Bramble
 Personal Privilege -Sen. Okerlund
 1H.B. 172 Public Assistance Benefits Amendments, Escamilla
 Sen. Van Tassell
 H.B. 247 Medicaid Vision Amendments, Christensen
 H.B. 129 Towing Surcharge Amendments, Bramble-circle Towing Surcharge Amendments, Bramble
 H.B. 15 Domestic Relations Retirement Shares, Henderson
 1H.B. 191 Interlock Restricted Driver Amendments, Jenkins
 1H.B. 126 Unmanned Aircraft Revisions, Van Tassell
 2H.B. 36 Sen. Stevenson -table
 H.B. 243 Public Transit District Officers Amendments, Hillyard
 3H.B. 236 Charitable Prescription Drug Recycling Program, Vickers
 Sen. Bramble
 H.B. 129 Towing Surcharge Amendments, Bramble -uncircle
 1H.C.R. 8 Concurrent Resolution on the Bonneville Salt Flats International Speedway, Knudson
 2H.B. 36 Insurance Revisions, Bramble
 4H.B. 48 Election Law Amendments, Bramble
 H.B. 260 Sexual Exploitation of a Minor Amendments, Weiler
 Recording 3
 Recording 4
 Call to Order
 Communications From the House
 House Bills for Consideration
 Standing Committee Reports
 Rules Committee Report
 Introduction of Senate Bills
 Time Certain
 Girl Scout Recognition, Sen. Escamilla
 Third Reading Calendar
 H.B. 244 Independent Energy Producer Amendments, Harper -circle
 H.B. 106 Securities Amendments, Bramble -circle
 1H.B. 177 Mortgage Lending Amendments, Jackson
 H.B. 273 Condominium Association Amendments, Van Tassell
 H.B. 244 Independent Energy Producer Amendments, Harper
 Time Certain -Girl Scout Recognition - Sen. Escamilla
 H.B. 184 Unlicensed Direct-entry Midwifery, Henderson
 1S.B. 125 After-school Programs Amendments, Escamilla
 H.B. 106 Securities Amendments, Bramble -uncircle
 1H.B. 249 General Contractors License Amendments, Adams
 1S.B. 161 Highway Signage Amendments, Adams -uncircle /2 sub.
 1S.B. 115 Sustainable Transportation and Energy Plan Act, Adams -uncircle/3 sub. /circle
 Personal Privilege -Sen. Christensen
 Sen. Stevenson
 2H.B. 116 Determination of Employer Status Amendments, Stevenson
 Personal Privilege -Sen. Knudsen
 Announcements Sen. Henderson -Communication From the House
 H.B. 288 Educational Records Protection Amendments, Weiler
 1H.B. 148 Protective Order Amendments, Hillyard -uncircle
 H.B. 330 State Fire Code Revisions, Adams
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