Senate - 2016 General Session - Day 39

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 Recording 1
 Call to Order
 Pres. Niederhauser
 Prayer-Sen. Okerlund
 Pledge -Sen. Mayne
 Roll Call- Paula Tew
 Communications From the House
 Senate Bills
 Concurrence Calendar
 1S.B.11 Cancellation of Auto Insurance Coverage, Harper
 Consent Calendar
 1S.B. 206 Cohabitant Abuse Procedures Act Revisions, Hillyard
 S.C.R. 16 Concurrent Resolution on Utah's Vision for Enduring Contribution to the Common Defense, Stevenson -uncircle
 S.B. 218 Department of Corrections Amendments, Fillmore
 H.B. 314 Bedding, Upholstered Furniture, and Quilted Clothing Inspection Act Amendments, Jackson
 S.B. 203 Immunity Amendments, Adams -uncircle
 1H.B. 344 Move over Amendments, Bramble
 H.B. 363 Grazing Zone Amendments, Vickers
 1H.J.R. 4 Joint Resolution on Water Infrastructure Transfer, Henderson
 S.B. 219 Fair Housing Act Amendments, Weiler
 H.B. 285 Board of Examiners Meeting Notice Amendments, Jackson
 H.B. 359 Political Subdivision Ethics Commission Amendments, Dayton
 S.B. 228 Multicounty Assessing and Collecting Levy Amendments, Stephenson
 Personal Privilege -Sen. Van Tassell
 S.B. 238 Safety Net Initiative Amendments, Bramble
 H.B. 216 Utah Educational Savings Plan Amendments, Urquhart -uncircle
 3S.B. 115 Sustainable Transportation and Energy Plan Act, Adams -uncircle
 Communications From the House
 Time Certain - Sen. Dayton -UVU Anniversary
 H.J.R. 22 Joint Resolution Honoring Utah Valley University's 75th Anniversary, Dayton
 Personal Privilege Sen. Dayton
 Sen. Madsen - Ambassador, Chili, Mexico, Columbia, Peru
 Committee of the Whole
 H.B. 288 Educational Records Protection Amendments, Weiler -sub.
 1H.B. 148 Protective Order Amendments, Hillyard -circle
 S.B. 157 Pawnshop Amendments, Thatcher -uncircle/sub.
 H.B. 330 State Fire Code Revisions, Adams
 1H.B. 148 Protective Order Amendments, Hillyard -uncircle
 Second Reading Calendar
 S.B. 175 Fair Housing Act Option Amendments, Dayton -circle
 S.B. 183 Department of Public Safety Amendments, Bramble -uncircle
 S.B. 205 Ethics Revisions, Okerlund
 2S.B. 184 Procurement Code Modifications, Jenkins -sub. amend
 S.B. 204 Free Market Protection and Privatization Board Act Amendments, Stephenson
 S.B. 208 Retirement Amendments, Weiler
 1S.B. 225 Notice of Pendency of Action Amendments, Weiler -sub./amend
 Recording 2
 Call to Order
 Communications From the House
 Communications From the House
 Pres. Niederhauser
 House Bills for Consideration
 Motion to adopt communications
 Sen. Henderson
 H.B. 184 Unlicensed Direct-entry Midwifery, Henderson
 Personal Privilege -Sen. Weiler
 Introduction of Senate Bills
 Standing Committee Reports
 Sen. Van Tassell -motion to adopt committee reports
 1S.B. 188 Higher Education Capital Facilities, Urquhart -circle
 S.B. 232 Rescue Medication in Schools, Urquhart- circle
 S.C.R. 19 Concurrent Resolution on Education, Adams
 S.B. 44 Construction Code Amendments, Dayton
 S.B. 217 Alcoholic Beverage Control Act Licensing Amendments, Stevenson
 1S.B. 213 Small Claims Court Amendments, Weiler
 S.B. 215 Motor Vehicle Insurance Amendments, Urquhart -circle
 S.B. 220 Non-judicial Foreclosure Amendments, Harper
 S.B. 221 Capitol Protocol Amendments, Madsen
 S.B. 231 Waste Management Amendments, Adams -circle
 S.B. 217 Alcoholic Beverage Control Act Licensing Amendments, Stevenson
 Personal Privilege
 S.B. 222 Professional Licensing Amendments, Adams -circle
 S.C.R. 18 Concurrent Resolution Designating Official Hashtag for the State of Utah, Weiler
 S.B. 227 Private Security Licensing Board Amendments, Dayton
 1S.B. 188 Higher Education Capital Facilities, Urquhart -uncircle
 Time Certain
 S.B. 234
 Rules Committee Report
 Sen. Van Tassell -motion to adopt the rule report
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