Senate - 2017 General Session - Day 8

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 Recording 1
 Call to Order
 Prayer, Senator Okerlund
 Roll Call
 Standing Committee Reports
 Rules Committee Report
 Introduction of Bills
 SCR 2 Concurrent Resolution on Air Ambulance Providers, Harper
 SB 49 Purpose of Minimum School Program, Fillmore
 SB 35 Veterans Tuition Gap Program Act Amendments, Escamilla
 SB 44 Dental Insurance Amendments, Christensen
 SB 57 Workers' Compensation Related Premium Assessments, Mayne
 SB 48 Nurse Licensure Compact, Vickers
 SB 60 School District Amendments, Davis
 SB 73 Acupuncture Licensing Act Amendments, Hinkins
 SB 62 Workers' Compensation Waivers, Mayne
 SB 53 LIS Pendens Amendments, Weiler
 SB 54 Adoption Revisions, Weiler
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