Senate - 2017 General Session - Day 22

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 Recording 1
 Call to Order
 Prayer, Senator Shiozawa
 Roll Call
 Standing Committee Reports
 Introduction of Bills
 HB 86 Inactive Voter Amendments, Mayne
 HB 135 Deposit of Public Funds, Fillmore
 1 SB 152 Municipal Mayoral Term Amendments, Iwamoto
 SB 178 Military Installation Development Authority Amendments, Stevenson
 SB 179 Animal Care and Control Appreciation Week, Adams
 1 SB 90 Vehicle Inspection and Registration Amendments, Anderegg
 1 SB 100 Early Childhood Services Coordination Amendments, Millner
 SB 10 Veterans' and Military Affairs Commission Amendments, Knudson
 1 SJR 2 Joint Resolution Encouraging the Employment of Utah Workers for Airport Redevelopment Efforts, Mayne
 SB 29 Utah Marriage Commission Amendments, Christensen
 HCR 4 Concurrent Resolution Recognizing 50 Years of Public Television, Weiler
 1 SB 40 School Bus Inspection Revisions, Harper
 SB 96 Unsecured Load Amendments, Harper
 SJR 3 Joint Resolution on Commercial Driving, Van Tassell
 SB 32 Child Welfare Auditing Amendments, Davis
 SB 75 Child Welfare Amendments, Fillmore
 1 SB 75 Child Welfare Amendments, Fillmore
 SB 88 Medicaid Housing Coordinator, Iwamoto
 SB 91 Native American Child Welfare Amendments, Van Tassell
 1 SB 95 Air Ambulance Amendments, Harper
 SB 52 Rental Amendments, Fillmore
 SB 92 Workers' Compensation Fund Revisions, Bramble
 SB 99 Consumer Protection Action Amendments, Hemmert
 SCR 7 Concurrent Resolution Urging the Postmaster General to Issue a Commemorative Postage Stamp, Iwamoto
 SB 78 Teacher Pedagogical Assessment, Millner
 1 SB 78 Teacher Pedagogical Assessment, Millner
 SB 102 Utah Student Privacy Act, Mayne
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