Senate - 2017 General Session - Day 32

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 Recording 1
 Call to Order
 Prayer, Imam Amir Salihovic
 Roll Call
 Introduction of Bills
 SB 112 Special Group License Plate Repeal, Christensen
 HB 119 School Board Midterm Replacement Process, Harper
 HCR 2 Concurrent Resolution Recognizing the United States and Utah's Participation in World War I, Stevenson
 SB 213 Utah Substance Use and Mental Health Advisory Council, Stevenson
 SB 215 Master Offense List, Thatcher
 HB 158 State House Boundary Amendments, Knudson
 HB 188 Local Historic District Amendments, Adams
 SB 208 Utah Uniform Commercial Real Estate Receivership Act, Hillyard
 SB 231 Business Entities Amendments, Hillyard
 HB 126 Student Plan for College and Career Readiness Revisions, Escamilla
 1 HB 288 School Sunscreen Provision, Anderegg
 1 SB 98 Excess Damages Claims, Iwamoto
 HB 174 Firearm Records Protection Amendments, Knudson
 SB 232 Cyber Exploitation Amendments, Bramble
 2 SB 156 Local Public Safety and Firefighter Surviving Spouse Trust Fund Amendments, Weiler
 SB 56 Animal Shelter Amendments, Knudson
 2 SB 138 Metro Township Amendments, Mayne
 1 SB 150 Local Government Bond Amendments, Henderson
 SB 158 Pass-through Entity Withholding Amendments, Bramble
 SB 164 Utah First Economic Development Amendments, Mayne
 Board Certified Teachers Recognition, Millner
 SB 171 State Rock Art Designation, Hinkins
 1 SB 161 Bullying and Hazing Amendments, Escamilla
 1 SB 97 Public Meeting Minutes Amendments, Van Tassell
 1 SB 163 Student Data Protection Amendments, Anderegg
 2 SB 163 Student Data Protection Amendments, Andregg
 SB 165 Scholarships for Public Safety Officers, Mayne
 1 SB 165 Scholarships for Public Safety Officers, Mayne
 Recording 2
 Call to Order
 Eric Ellsworth Citation, Senator Knudson
 Rules Committee Report
 Standing Committee Reports
 Introduction of Bills
 1 SB 168 Career and College Readiness Mathematics Competency Revisions, Stephenson
 1 SB 173 English Language Arts Amendments, Stephenson
 SB 180 Charter School Start-up Grants, Stephenson
 SB 160 Homeless Youth Health Care Amendments, Shiozawa
 SB 162 Physician Assistant Amendments, Shiozawa
 2 SB 74 Medical Interpreter Amendments, Escamilla
 SB 172 Barber Licensing Restriction Changes, Weiler
 SB 189 Oil and Gas Operations Amendments, Hinkins
 2 SB 163 Student Data Protection Amendments, Andregg
 Call to Order
 Rules Committee Report
 1 SB 191 Oil and Gas Amendments, Okerlund
 2 SB 191 Oil and Gas Amendments, Okerlund
 1 SB 130 Universal Service Fund Amendments, Hinkins
 1 SB 174 Public Transit and Transportation Governance Amendments, Harper
 SB 181 High Priority Transportation Corridors Amendments, Harper
 SB 167 Bail Amendments, Adams
 SB 185 Cause of Action for Minors Injured by Pornography, Weiler
 1 SB 94 Local District Revisions, Fillmore
 1 SB 149 Financial Education and Savings Plan to Benefit At-risk Children, Fillmore
 SB 194 Utah Data Research Center Act, Anderegg
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