H.C.R. 6 Concurrent Resolution Honoring Former Chief Justice Christine M. Durham

Bill Sponsor:

Rep. Arent, Patrice M.
Floor Sponsor:

Sen. Weiler, Todd
  • CoSponsor(s):
        Acton, C.K.  Albrecht, C.
        Barlow, S.  Briscoe, J.
        Brooks, W.  Chavez-Houck, R.
        Chew, S.  Christensen, L.
        Christofferson, K.  Coleman, K.
        Cutler, B. R.  Daw, B.
        Duckworth, S.  Dunnigan, J.
        Edwards, R.  Eliason, S.
        Fawson, J.  Froerer, G.
        Gibson, F.  Greene, B.
        Grover, K.  Hall, C.
        Handy, S.  Hawkes, T.
        Hemingway, L.  Hollins, S.
        Hughes, G.  Hutchings, E.
        Ivory, K.  Kennedy, M.
        King, Brian S.  Knotwell, J.
        Kwan, K.  Last, B.
        Lisonbee, K.  Maloy, A.C.
        McCay, D.  McKell, M.
        Miles, K.  Moss, C.
        Moss, J.  Nelson, M.
        Noel, M.  Owens, D.
        Perry, L.  Peterson, J.
        Peterson, V.  Pitcher, D.
        Potter, V.  Poulson, M.
        Pulsipher, S.  Quinn, T.
        Ray, P.  Redd, E.
        Roberts, M.  Robertson, A.
        Romero, A.  Sagers, D.
        Sandall, S.  Schultz, M.
        Snow, V. L.  Spendlove, R.
        Stanard, J.  Stratton, K.
        Ward, R.  Watkins, C.
        Webb, R. C.  Weight, E.
        Westwood, J.  Wheatley, M.
        Wilde, L.  Wilson, B.
        Winder, M.
  • Drafting Attorney: Patricia Owen

  • Information
    • Last Action: 20 Mar 2018, Governor Signed
    • Last Location: Lieutenant Governor's office for filing
    • Effective Date: 20 Mar 2018

Bill Status / Votes
• Senate Actions • House Actions • Fiscal Actions • Other Actions
1/23/2018 Bill Numbered but not DistributedLegislative Research and General Counsel
1/23/2018 Numbered Bill Publicly DistributedLegislative Research and General Counsel
1/23/2018 LFA/ bill sent to agencies for fiscal inputLegislative Research and General Counsel
1/24/2018 House/ received bill from Legislative ResearchClerk of the House
1/24/2018 House/ 1st reading (Introduced)House Rules Committee
1/24/2018 LFA/ fiscal note publicly availableHouse Rules Committee
1/25/2018 House/ received fiscal note from Fiscal AnalystHouse Rules Committee
1/25/2018 (12:25:56 PM)Senate/ placed on Time Certain CalendarSenate Special Orders Calendar
1/29/2018 House/ lifted from RulesHouse Rules Committee
1/29/2018 House/ 2nd suspendedHouse Rules Committee
1/29/2018 (12:10:46 PM)House/ placed on Time Certain CalendarHouse Special Orders Calendar
2/1/2018 (11:25:01 AM)House/ 3rd readingHouse Special Orders Calendar
2/1/2018 (11:26:34 AM)House/ floor amendment # 1House Special Orders CalendarVoice vote
2/1/2018 (11:45:58 AM)House/ passed 3rd readingSenate Secretary71 0 4
2/1/2018 (11:46:00 AM)House/ to SenateSenate Secretary
2/1/2018 Senate/ received from HouseWaiting for Introduction in the Senate
2/1/2018 Senate/ 1st reading (Introduced)Senate Rules Committee
2/1/2018 (11:58:53 AM)Senate/ 2nd & 3rd readings/ suspensionSenate 2nd Reading Calendar
2/1/2018 (12:03:19 PM)Senate/ passed 2nd & 3rd readings/ suspensionSenate President25 0 4
2/1/2018 (12:03:20 PM)Senate/ signed by President/ returned to HouseHouse Speaker
2/1/2018 (12:03:21 PM)Senate/ to HouseHouse Speaker
2/1/2018 House/ received from SenateHouse Speaker
2/1/2018 House/ signed by Speaker/ sent for enrollingLegislative Research and General Counsel / Enrolling
2/1/2018 Bill Received from House for EnrollingLegislative Research and General Counsel / Enrolling
2/1/2018 Draft of Enrolled Bill PreparedLegislative Research and General Counsel / Enrolling
3/13/2018 Enrolled Bill Returned to House or SenateClerk of the House
3/13/2018 House/ enrolled bill to PrintingClerk of the House
3/13/2018 House/ received enrolled bill from PrintingClerk of the House
3/13/2018 House/ to GovernorExecutive Branch - Governor
3/20/2018 Governor SignedLieutenant Governor's office for filing