Senate - 2018 General Session - Day 11

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 Recording 1
 Call to Order
 Prayer, Pledge
 Roll Call
 Standing Committee Reports
 Rules Committee Report
 Introduction of Bills
 Advice and Consent
 Committee of the Whole-Judge Brody Keisel
 HJR4 Joint Resolution Approving Appointment of Director of the Office of Legislative Research and General Counsel, Niederhauser
 HB26 Transportation Safety Program Funding Amendments, Buxton
 HB18 Alcohol Abuse Tracking Committee Relocation, Zehnder
 HB23 Office of Economic Development Amendments, Okerlund
 HB16 Candidate Replacement Amendments, Dayton
 HB34 State Employee Leave Policy Amendments, Dayton
 HB25 Cannabinoid Product Board Membership Amendments, Vickers
 HB19 Health Insurance Right to Shop Amendments, Weiler
 Introduction of Bills
 HCR6 Concurrent Resolution Honoring Former Chief Justice Christine M. Durham, Weiler
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