Education Interim Committee - June 19, 2019

445 State Capitol

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 Chair V. Lowry Snow called the meeting to order at 8:40 a.m.
 Committee Business
 Early Childhood Learning
 Sydnee Dickson, Superintendent, Utah State Board of Education, introduced a panel to discuss best practices and effective programs for early childhood learning used by other states.
 Dr. Parker Fawson, Emma Eccles Jones College of Education Endowed Chair, Director of the Center for the School of the Future, Utah State University Chair, discussed early indicators of numeracy and literacy in early education and the importance of students meeting proficiency levels by third grade.
 Tracy Gruber, Director, Office of Child Care, Department of Workforce Services, presented data about children entering kindergarten.
 2 - Utah's State of Pre-K Presentation
 Sarah Wiebke, K-3 Literary Specialist, Utah State Board of Education, described three programs that the Utah State Board of Education hold for K-3 students.
 Shannon Ference, Elementary Math Specialist, Utah State Board of Education, discussed a lack of numeracy programs and state assessment for math.
 2 - USBE Early Learning Presentation June 2019
 Compulsory Education, Truancy, and Chronic Absenteeism
 3 - 2019 General Session H.B. 340 "School Absenteeism and Truancy Amendments"
 Patty Norman, Deputy Superintendent of Student Achievement, Utah State Board of Education, described how chronic absenteeism affects student achievements.
 Corby Eason, Student Support and Prevention Specialist, Utah State Board of Education, discussed how certain definitions of minors within statute causes confusion among LEAs when documenting absences.
 3 - USBE Chronic Absenteeism Presentation June 2019
 Scott Jones, Deputy Superintendent of Operations, Utah State Board of Education, discussed how data will be collected for the issue.
 Neira Siaperas, Juvenile Court Administrator, presented on truancy referrals in Juvenile courts.
 3 - Utah Juvenile Courts - Approach to Truancy Referrals
 Other Items/Adjourn
 Rep. Lee B. Perry moved to adjourn.
 Chair Snow adjourned the meeting at 11:03 a.m.
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