House Natural Resources, Agriculture, and Environment Committee - February 15, 2019

445 State Capitol

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 Chair Stratton called the meeting to order at 3:40 p.m.
 H.B. 126 Tire Recycling Modifications (Perry, L.)
 Rep. Perry introduced the bill and distributed the handout "2018 Utah Waste Tire Recyclers" assisted by Mr. Robert Jahries, Liberty Tire Services.
 Rep. Duckworth moved to amend H.B. 126 with Amendment #1.
 Rep. Duckworth moved to pass H.B. 126 out favorably as amended.
 Rep. Briscoe made a substitute motion to go to the next item on the agenda.
 S.B. 46 Tire Recycling Amendments (Sandall, S.)
 Sen. Sandall introduced the bill.
 Rep. McKell assumed the chair.
 Rep. Wilde assumed the chair.
 Rep. Albrecht moved to pass S.B. 46 out favorably.
 S.B. 66 Dam Safety Amendments (Sandall, S.)
 Sen. Sandall introduced the bill.
 Mr. Kent Jones, State Engineer and Director, Division of Water Rights, spoke for the bill.
 Rep. McKell moved to pass S.B. 66 out favorably.
 H.C.R. 15 Concurrent Resolution Commemorating the 150th Anniversary of the Golden Spike (Ferry, J.)
 Rep. Ferry introduced the resolution.
 Mr. Doug Foxley, Foxley and Pignanelli, spoke for the resolution.
 Mr. Nathan Anderson, Union Pacific Railroad, spoke for the resolution.
 Rep. Albrecht moved to pass H.C.R. 15 out favorably.
 Rep. Stratton resumed the chair.
 H.C.R. 5 Concurrent Resolution Urging Policies That Reduce Damage from Wildfires (Ward, R.)
 Rep. Ward introduced the resolution and distributed a handout.
 Mr. John Armstrong, Professor, Weber State University, spoke for the resolution.
 Mr. Ben Abbott, Professor of Environmental Science, Brigham Young University, spoke for the resolution.
 Ms. Helen Moser, citizen, spoke to the resolution.
 Rep. Hawkes moved to amend H.C.R. 5 with Amendment #1.
 Rep. Hawkes moved to pass H.C.R. 5 out favorably as amended.
 H.B. 288 Critical Infrastructure Materials (Wilde, L.)
 Rep. Wilde introduced the bill.
 Mr. George Chapman, citizen, spoke against the bill.
 Mr. Adrian Dybwad, citizen, spoke to the bill.
 Dr. Brian Moench, President, Utah Physicians for a Healthy Environment, spoke against the bill.
 Mr. Robert Macfarlane, Draper resident, spoke against the bill.
 Ms. Ashley Soltysiak, Director, Utah Sierra Club, spoke against the bill.
 Mr. Gary Crane, Layton City Attorney's Office, spoke to the bill.
 Ms. Tasha Lowery, representing Draper City Mayor, Mr. Troy Walker, spoke for the bill.
 Mr. Mike Ostermiller, Associated General Contractors, spoke to the bill.
 Ms. Elizabeth Klc, Utah Association of Counties, spoke for the bill.
 Mr. Clint Smith, Council member, Herriman City, spoke for the bill.
 Rep. Hawkes moved to replace H.B. 288 with 1st Substitute H.B. 288.
 Rep. Hawkes moved to amend 1st Substitute H.B. 288 with Amendment #1.
 Rep. Hawkes moved to hold 1st Substitute H.B. 288 as amended.
 H.B. 126 Tire Recycling Modifications (Perry, L.)
 Rep. McKell moved to adjourn.
 Rep. Wilde moved to pass H.B. 126 out favorably.
 Rep. Watkins moved to adjourn.
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