Senate Business and Labor Committee - March 06, 2017

215 Senate Building

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 Acting Chair Hemmert called the meeting to order at 2:11 p.m.
 Sen. Weiler moved to approve the minutes of March 3, 2017.
 1st Sub. H.B. 97 Alcohol Beverage Control Operations Amendments (Eliason, S.)
 Sen. Weiler moved to amend 1st Substitute H.B. 97 with Amendment #1.
 Sen. Bramble assumed the chair.
 Rep. S. Eliason explained the bill.
 Mr. Sal Petilos, Director, Utah Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control, spoke in favor of the bill.
 Sen. Weiler moved to pass 1st Substitute H.B. 97, as amended, out favorably.
 1st Sub. H.B. 273 Construction Trades Licensing Penalty Periods Amendments (Ray, P.)
 Rep. P. Ray explained the bill.
 Mr. Taz Biesinger, Utah Home Builders Association, spoke to the bill.
 Sen. Mayne moved to pass 1st Substitute H.B. 273 out favorably.
 Sen. Mayne moved to place 1st Substitute H.B. 273 on the Consent Calendar.
 3rd Sub. H.B. 115 Solid Waste Revisions (McKell, M.)
 Sen. Hemmert moved to replace 3rd Substitute HB 115 with 4th Substitute H.B. 115.
 Rep. M. McKell explained the bill.
 Ms. Heather Anderson, Special Service Districts, spoke in favor of the bill.
 Sen. Ipson moved to pass 4th Substitute H.B. 115 out favorably.
 H.B. 376 Landlord-tenant Rights (Dunnigan, J.)
 Rep. J. Dunnigan presented the bill with the assistance of James H. Dean, attorney.
 Mr. Zach Meyers, attorney, spoke in opposition to the bill.
 Mr. Mike Ostermiller, Utah Association of Realtors, spoke in favor of the bill.
 Sen. Ipson moved to pass H.B. 376 out favorably.
 1st Sub. H.B. 415 Incorporation Filing Amendments (Westwood, J.)
 Rep. J. Westwood explained the bill.
 Mr. Justin Lee, Lt. Governor's Staff, spoke in favor of the bill.
 Sen. Ipson moved to pass 1st Substitute H.B. 415 out favorably.
 1st Sub. H.B. 171 Securities Exemptions Amendments (Greene, B.)
 Rep. B. Greene explained the bill.
 Mr. Keith Woodwell, Utah Division of Securities, spoke to the bill.
 Sen. Hemmert moved to pass 1st Substitute H.B. 171 out favorably.
 Sen. Hemmert assumed the chair.
 S.B. 236 Motor Vehicle Franchise Amendments (Okerlund, R.)
 Sen. Bramble presented the bill, on behalf of Sen. Okerlund, with the assistance of Mr. Craig Bickmore, New Car Dealers of Utah.
 Sen. Davis moved to refer S.B. 236 to the Legislative Management Committee to include on the master list for Interim study.
 Sen. Davis moved to adjourn.
 Acting Chair Hemmert adjourned the meeting at 3:40 p.m.
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