Senate - 2019 General Session - Day 28

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 Recording 1
 Call to Order
 Prayer, Pledge
 Roll Call
 Standing Committee Reports
 Utah Saves Week
 Rules Committee Report
 HB125 Quantity Impairment Modifications, Hemmert
 HB82 Aggravated Kidnapping Amendments, Thatcher
 SB159 Department of Workforce Services Amendments, Weiler
 HB84 Economic Development Programs Amendments, Hinkins
 Leila Billingsley-Longest Serving State Employee Recognition
 Introduction of Bills
 1SB120 Accounts Receivable Collection Revisions, Hillyard
 1SB72 Transportation Governance and Funding Revisions, Harper
 SB131 Ignition Interlock Amendments, Harper
 SB123 Election Process Amendments, McCay
 SB136 Scholarships for Career and Technical Education, Grover
 2SB71 Food Truck Amendments, Henderson
 3SB71 Food Truck Amendments, Henderson
 SB121 Controlled Business in Title Insurance Repeal, Hemmert
 SB132 Beer Amendments, Stevenson
 SB133 Oppressive Conduct in a Closely Held Corporation, Cullimore
 SJR7 Proposal to Amend Utah Constitution -- Terminology Update, Henderson
 SB138 Utah Apprenticeship Act, Anderegg
 SB140 Real Estate Amendments, Cullimore
 SB125 Vehicle Registration Records Amendments, Weiler
 SB139 Motor Assisted Scooter Amendments, Cullimore
 1SB139 Motor Assisted Scooter Amendments, Cullimore
 Recording 2
 Call to Order
 Standing Committee Reports
 Rules Committee Report
 Introduction of Bills
 SB136 Scholarships for Career and Technical Education, Grover
 SB134 Campus Safety Amendments, Iwamoto
 SB135 Prosecution Council Amendments, Stevenson
 SB145 Legal Notice Revisions, McCay
 SB129 Public Safety and Firefighter Tier II Retirement Enhancements, Harper
 SB127 Business Incentives Amendments, Anderegg
 SB67 Reauthorization of Administrative Rules, Anderegg
 SB137 Single User Data Correlation Act, Anderegg
 SB147 Lobbyist Licensing Modifications, Ipson
 2SB151 Initiative Procedure Amendments, Henderson
 SJR9 Joint Resolution Calling for a Convention to Amend the United States Constitution, Vickers
 1SB95 Autism Amendments, Bramble
 SB59 Child Welfare Worker Protections, Vickers
 SB143 Public Education Vision Screening, Escamilla
 SB149 Teacher and Student Success Act, Millner
 2SB52 Secondary Water Metering Requirements, Anderegg
 3SB52 Secondary Water Metering Requirements, Anderegg
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