Senate - 2014 General Session - Day 32

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 Recording 1
 Call to Order
 Prayer, Pledge, Quorum
 Budget Report -Hillyard
 Standing Committee Reports
 Introduction of Bills
 Consent Calendar
 1HB 248 -Henderson, Crime Victims Restitution Amendments
 Personal Privilege -Stephenson
 Personal Privilege -Valentine
 HB 308 -Madsen, Criminal Penalty Amendments
 HB 222 -Knudson, Veterans Preference Amendments
 HJR 3 -Thatcher, Joint Resolution Recognizing Sister City Relationship Between Magna, Utah, and Yuzawa, Niigata, Japan
 Personal Privilege -Bramble
 Personal Privilege -President Niederhauser
 HB 99 -Knudson, County Officer Election Revisions
 1HJR 10 -Knudson, Joint Rules Resolution Regarding a Long-term Planning Conference
 SB 207 -Bramble, Corporate Franchise and Income Tax Amendments
 SB 214 -Bramble, Multistate Tax Compact Amendments
 SB 206 -Bramble, Tax, Fee, or Charge Offense and Penalty Amendments
 Personal Privilege -Jones, National Board Certified Teachers Citation
 Concurrence Calendar
 SB 19 -Stephenson, Appointment and Qualification of Members of the State Tax Commission, refuse concur
 1SB 148 -Adams, Upstart Program Amendments, circled
 SB 168 -Christensen, Charity Care Amendments, concur
 SB 115 -Jones, Court Transcript Fees, concur
 SB 134 -Valentine,Taxation Related Referendum Amendments, concur
 4SB 147 -Jones, Residential Rental Amendments, concur
 Third Reading Calendar
 HB 238 -Van Tassell, Local Referendum Requirements Amendments
 Personal Privilege -Jones, Read Across America Day
 SB 87 -Mayne, Contractor Employee Amendments, circled
 1SB 143 -Weiler, Nail Technician Practice Amendments, circled, uncircled
 3HB 282 -Van Tassell, Amendments to Election Laws
 Christensen -Fallen Soldiers Citation
 SB 57 -Shiozawa, Autism Services Amendments
 2SB 111 -Osmond, Education Funding Equalization, circled
 SB 66 -Robles, Community Health Worker Certification Act, circled
 SB 87 - Mayne, Contractor Employee Amendments, uncircled, amended
 1HB 17 -Harper, Interlocal Act Amendments
 SCR 3 -Jones, Concurrent Resolution on the School of Dentistry Serving Underprivileged Children
 2SB 46 -Madsen, Administrative Subpoena Modifications, Madsen
 3SB 139 -Harper, Transportation Funding Revisions, circled
 SB 185 -Henderson, Law Enforcement Transparency
 Recording 2
 Call to Order
 Rules Committee Report
 Valentine, SR 2-2-205
 Personal Privilege -Mayne
 Time Certain, SB 215 -Osmond, Public School Comprehensive Emergency Response Plan Amendments
 Third Reading Calendar
 3SB 139 -Harper, Transportation Funding Revisions, uncircled
 Personal Privilege -Davis, Okerlund
 Personal Privilege -Van Tassell
 Second Reading Calendar
 SJR 3 -Weiler, Joint Resolution Regarding Attorney General
 SCR 7 -Vickers, Concurrent Resolution on Comprehensive Statewide Wildland Fire Prevention, Preparedness, and Suppression Policy
 HB 20 -Weiler, Emergency Vehicle Operator Duty of Care Revisions, uncircled, circled
 SCR 8 -Hinkins, Concurrent Resolution Recognizing Canyonlands National Park
 SB 15 -Weiler, Reemployment Restrictions Amendments
 1SB 59 -Henderson, Independent Entities Financial Transparency Disclosure, circled
 SB 186 -Harper, Contractor Licensing and Continuing Education Amendments, substitute 2
 SB 37 -Thatcher, Statewide Online Education Program Revisions
 1SB 39 -Osmond, Home School Amendments
 SB 42 -Osmond, Early Childhood Education, circled
 SB 68 -Knudson, Veterans Centers
 1SB 131 -Osmond, Student Leadership Grant
 Committee of the Whole
 Valentine, SR 2-2-205
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