Senate - 2015 General Session - Day 25

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 Call to Order
 Prayer -Logan Lamborn, Logan High Student Body President
 Pledge -Connor Lewis
 Prayer, Pledge, Quorum
 Introduction of Bills
 Consent Calendar
 HB 32 -Local Government Disclosure and Campaign Finance Amendments, Dayton, passed
 Personal Privilege -Hillyard
 Personal Privilege -Van Tassell
 Personal Privilege -Niederhauser
 SB 159 -Background Checks for State Accountants, Henderson, passed
 SJR 11 -Joint Rules Resolution - Purchase of Working Meals, Hillyard, passed
 HB 133 -Firefighter Retirement Amendments, Bramble, circled
 HJR 10 -Joint Resolution Regarding Public Employee Health Plan, Okerlund, passed
 HB 133 -Firefighter Retirement Amendments, Bramble, uncircled, passed
 SB 166 -Dixie State University Media Center Name Change, Urquhart, passed
 SCR 5 -Concurrent Resolution Regarding Western Governors University, Harper, passed
 SB 172 -Emergency Medical Services Amendments, Bramble, passed
 Concurrence Calendar
 2SB 61 -Medicaid Audit Amendments, Hillyard, circled
 1SB 65 -In-state Tuition for Families of Fallen Public Safety Officers Amendments, Bramble, concurred, passed
 Third Reading Calendar
 HB 111 -Payment of Property Tax Amendments, Van Tassell, passed
 Time Certain -National Board Certified Teachers Recognition, Osmond
 Personal Privilege -Dabakis
 Request to Open Resolution File -Dabakis
 1HB 98 -Association Amendments, Urquhart, uncircled, amended, passsed
 2HB 45 -Local Governing Body Amendments, Osmond, amended, passed
 HB 135 -Pharmacy Licensure Exemptions, Vickers, passed
 HB 160 -Drive-through Service Usage Amendments, Harper, passed
 Personal Privilege -Stephenson
 Personal Privilege -Henderson
 HB 121 -Interstate Medical Licensure Compact, Vickers, passed
 3HB 139 -Foster Home Amendments, Henderson, passed
 HB 152 -Infertility Insurance Coverage Amendments, Shiozawa, passed
 HB 74 -Consent Definition For Sexual Offense, Weiler, passed
 HB 132 -Interstate Compact on Transfer of Public Lands Amendments, Vickers, passed
 HB 97 -Election of Officials of New Municipalities, Vickers, passed
 1HB 22 -Tourism Marketing Performance Amendments, Vickers, circled
 HB 170 -Legislative Audit Amendments, Henderson, passed
 HB 80 -Transportation Project Amendments, Weiler, passed
 HB 53 -Local Government Residential Reimbursement Authority, Mayne, passed
 HB 145 -Vulnerable Adult Worker Amendments, Bramble, passed
 HB 128 -Maintenance of Student Records, Millner, circled
 HB 146 -Driving Under the Influence Revisions, Bramble, passed
 HB 128 -Maintenance of Student Records, Millner, uncircled, passed
 HB 185 -Charitable Solicitation Act Amendments, Bramble, passed
 HB 193 -Continuing Education for General Contractor Licensing, Adams, cirlced
 1SB 98 -Medicaid Accountable Care Organizations, Adams, passed
 SJR 4 -Joint Rules Resolution - Medicaid Accountable Care Organizations, Adams, passed
 Personal Privilege -Vickers
 SJR 6 -Joint Resolution Urging Congress to Support Equity and Sales Tax Fairness, Harper, passed
 1SB 121 -Procurement Code Revisions, Mayne, passed
 SJR 8 -Joint Resolution Urging Adoption of the Regulation Freedom Amendment, Weiler, passed
 SB 107 -Computer Science Initiative for Public Schools, Stephenson, circled
 SCR 2 -Concurrent Resolution Regarding Navajo Water Rights Settlement, Hinkins, passed
 SCR 3 -Concurrent Resolution Urging Congress to Support the Implementation of the State's Sage Grouse Conservation Plan, Van Tassell, circled
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