FY 2016 Appropriation

Statewide TV Administration provides public broadcasting of KUED with 24 hours/day of commercial-free entertainment and educational television programming for the entire state.

Funding History
Appropriation Overview

During the 2015 General Session, the Legislature appropriated for Fiscal Year 2016, $2,498,700 from all sources for Statewide TV Administration. This is a 2 percent increase from Fiscal Year 2015 revised estimated amounts from all sources. The total includes $2,498,700 from the General/Education Funds, an increase of 2 percent from revised Fiscal Year 2015 estimates.

Appropriation Adjustments

In addition to statewide compensation and internal service fund cost increases, the following appropriation adjustments were made during the 2015 General Session:

DescriptionOngoingOne-Time Compensation - USHE & UCAT$37,200$0
OngoingOne-TimeFinancing Source
$37,200$0Education Fund
No Description
Health Insurance - USHE & UCAT$10,900$0
OngoingOne-TimeFinancing Source
$10,900$0Education Fund
No Description

Utah Households Watching KUED, KUED Outreach Programs, KUED Funding

KUED-TV measures the number of households watching KUED at least once a month and the number of people served by outreach programs. State funding provides about one-third of KUED's operational funding. The number of "television households" as defined by Nielsen has been decreasing in the market over the last couple of years, indicating that many people are choosing to receive television programming through alternative means, such as online services. Nielsen is amending its definition of "television household" in the coming year to include those that can receive television service through broadband. The television industry continues to see increasing fragmentation as audiences have a greater number of broadcast, cable, satellite, and internet options for television programming than ever before.

University of Utah KUED

University of Utah KUED

University of Utah KUED


The following statutes govern the Statewide TV Administration in addition to the laws previously mentioned:

  • UCA 53B-17-101 establishes the Dolores Dore Eccles Broadcast Center to provide services to the citizens of Utah.

KUED supports the University website and other U of U IT projects. KUED also records and broadcasts three or four Hinckley Institute of Politics forums each year.

KUED receives formula-generated funding from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) that reflects overhead expenses.

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