Senate - 2016 General Session - Day 35

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 Recording 1
 Call to Order
 President Niederhauser
 Prayer-Sen Thatcher
 Pledge-Sen. Iwamoto
 Roll Call-Paula Tew
 Communications From the House
 Introduction of Senate Bills
 Concurrence Calendar
 1S.B. 59 Antidiscrimination and Workplace Accommodations Revisions, Weiler-uncircle
 Consent Calendar
 H.B. 245 Local Health Department Amendments, Christensen
 H.B. 142 Agency Auditing Procedures for Education, Adams
 1H.B. 118 Public Access of Administrative Action Amendments, Bramble
 S.B. 178 Economic Development Revisions, Bramble
 S.B. 181 Judiciary Amendments, Hillyard
 S.B. 192 Study on Claims Exceeding Statutory Limit, Iwamoto
 H.B. 186 Volunteer Health Care Continuing Education Credit, Shiozawa
 Third Reading Calendar
 2H.B. 186 Volunteer Health Care Continuing Education Credit, Shiozawa
 4S.B. 79 Child Welfare Revisions, Jackson
 1S.B. 140 Home and Community-based Services Amendments, Iwamoto
 Personal Privilege-Sen. Dayton
 2.H.B. 17 Assessment Area Foreclosure Amendments, Bramble-uncircle
 1S.B. 136 Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing Amendments, Vickers
 1S.B. 138 Health Insurance Coverage for Emergency Care, Mayne
 S.B. 153 Self-reliance Training for Public Assistance Recipients, Fillmore
 S.B. 107 Hate Crimes Amendments, Urquhart-circle
 1S.J.R. 13 Joint Resolution Amending Rules of Evidence, Urquhart-circle
 S.B. 96 Uniform Deployed Parents Custody and Parent-time Act, Hillyard
 1S.B. 151 Community Development and Renewal Agencies Act Revisions, Harper
 1S.B. 114 Municipal Utilities Amendments, Stevenson
 Personal Privilege-Sen. Iwamoto
 Second Reading Calendar
 1S.B. 142 Improvement District Amendments, Weiler
 2S.B. 150 Metro Township Amendments, Mayne-amend
 1S.B. 131 Utah College of Applied Technology Governance Amendments, Urquhart-uncircle
 S.B. 146 Workers' Compensation Amendments, Urquhart-uncircle
 1S.B. 154 Medicaid Accountable Care Organizations, Adams
 1S.B. 149 School Grading Modifications, Millner
 1S.B. 154 Medicaid Accountable Care Organizations, Adams-uncircle
 Committee Reports
 Recording 2
 Call to Order-Sen. Jenkins
 House Committee Reports
 Introduction of Senate Bills
 Rules Committee Report
 Third Reading Calendar
 2H.B. 17 Assessment Area Foreclosure Amendments, Bramble
 Personal Privilege-Urquhart
 Second Reading Calendar
 S.J.R. 14 Joint Resolution on Teacher Licensure Standards for the Twenty-first Century, Fillmore-amend
 S.B. 139 Board of Education Approval Amendments, Stephenson-uncircle
 S.B. 161 Highway Signage Amendments, Adams-circle
 !S.B. 111 Guardianship - Right of Association, Weiler
 S.B. 155 Indigent Defense Commission, Weiler- replace with 2 sub.
 1S.B. 169 Olene Walker Housing Loan Fund Amendments, Weiler
 S.B. 88 Reauthorization of Administrative Rules, Stephenson
 Time Certain-Sen. Dayton-10:45 Friday,Mar. 4
 Personal Privilege-Sen. Stephenson
 S.B. 159 Severance Tax Exemption Extension, Van Tassell
 S.B. 160 Federal Funds Budget Reserve Account, Harper
 1S.B. 156 State Facilities Amendments, Harper
 1S.B. 172 Utah State Developmental Center Amendments, Dayton
 S.B. 238 Safety Net Initiative Amendments, Bramble
 S.B. 163 Kindergarten Age Exception Amendments, Stephenson-circle
 S.B. 165 Public Education Appointment and Hiring, Stephenson-circle
 S.B. 173 State Fair Park Revisions, Van Tassell
 S.B. 94 Law Enforcement Use of Body Cameras, Thatcher-circle
 1S.B. 113 Subjecting a Minor to Sexual Material, Weiler-amend
 S.B. 158 Juvenile Court and Child Abuse Amendments, Harper
 S.B. 166 Utah Science, Technology, and Research Modifications, Millner-circle
 1S.B. 176 Office of the State Board of Education Employment Amendments, Stephenson-circle
 S.B. 191 School Turnaround and Leadership Development Act Amendments, Millner-uncircle
 Recording 3
 Call to Order-President Niederhouser
 Communications From the House
 Conference Committee Report
 Third Reading Calendar
 S.B. 23 Water Law - Protected Purchaser Amendments, Dayton-circle
 Second Reading Calendar
 S.B. 185 Labor Remedy Amendments, Iwamoto
 S.B. 121 Electric Assisted Bicycle Amendments, Weiler-uncircle/sub.
 S.B. 166 Utah Science, Technology, and Research Modifications, Millner-uncircle
 1S.B. 186 Air Quality Incentives, Bramble-circle
 S.B. 177 Nighttime Highway Construction Noise Amendments, Van Tassell
 S.B. 161 Highway Signage Amendments, Adams-uncircle
 S.B. 163 Kindergarten Age Exception Amendments, Stephenson-uncircle
 S.B. 165 Public Education Appointment and Hiring, Stephenson-uncircle
 S.B. 125 After-school Programs Amendments, Escamilla-reconside/placed at top of second reading calendar
 Time Certain-11:10 a.m. Citation, Fri. Mar. 4
 Time Certain S.B. 234- Fri. Mar. 4-3:30 p.m.
 1S.B 193 Utah Communications Authority Act Amendments (Harper)
 S.B. 77 Medicaid Expansion Proposal, Davis-circle
 S.B. 187 Reclassification of Misdemeanors, Thatcher-amend
 S.B. 189 Death Penalty Amendments, Urquhart-circle
 S.B. 164 Local Government Modifications, Henderson-amend
 S.B. 180 Optional Tax Increase Amendments, Hilliard-circle
 1S.B. 182 Sales and Use Tax Revisions, Harper
 1S.B. 186 Air Quality Incentives, Bramble-uncircle
 1S.B. 197 Resale of Procurement Item Amendments, Mayne
 1S.B. 143 Competency-based Learning Amendments, Stephenson
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