FY 2016 Appropriation

The passage of House Bill 161, "Snow College Richfield Campus", in the 2003 General Session, transferred the operations of the Central Applied Technology College from the Utah College of Applied Technology (UCAT) to Snow College. The branch campus located in Richfield has a strong curriculum in applied technology and technical courses with open-entry, open-exit, competency-based applied technology education programs that emphasize short-term job training or retraining for the job market. This campus is assigned to act in the same capacity as UCAT by serving secondary and post-secondary students within the region.

Funding History
Appropriation Overview

During the 2015 General Session, the Legislature appropriated for Fiscal Year 2016, $1,325,800 from all sources for Snow College - CTE. This is a 2.4 percent increase from Fiscal Year 2015 revised estimated amounts from all sources. The total includes $1,325,800 from the General/Education Funds, an increase of 2.4 percent from revised Fiscal Year 2015 estimates.

Appropriation Adjustments

In addition to statewide compensation and internal service fund cost increases, the following appropriation adjustments were made during the 2015 General Session:

DescriptionOngoingOne-Time Compensation - USHE & UCAT$21,200$0
OngoingOne-TimeFinancing Source
$21,200$0Education Fund
No Description
Health Insurance - USHE & UCAT$10,100$0
OngoingOne-TimeFinancing Source
$10,100$0Education Fund
No Description

CTE Headcount, CTE Membership Hours

Snow College tracks both the number of students (headcount) and their memberhsip hours in the Career and Technical Education program.

Snow College Career and Technical Education

Snow College Career and Technical Education


The following laws govern the Career and Technology Education line item at Snow College:

  • UCA 53B-16-205 establishes the Snow College Richfield campus and its mission.
  • UCA 53B -16-206 establishes and outlines the Snow College Richfield campus' career and technical education advisory committee.

H.B. 15, "Career and Technical Education Amendments" passed in the 2009 General Session, requires a separate legislative appropriation for career and technical education programs at Snow College.

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