FY 2016 Appropriation

The Lone Peak Center was established in 1989 and provides services (specialized fire crews and education services) to multiple municipal, state, and federal customers. Two fire-engine teams are staffed with seasonal employees to add mobility and fire management services. These engine strike teams are to be financially self-supporting. In addition, the division hosts three fire suppression hand crews. One program hires 20 firefighters from the Utah Fire and Rescue Academy. Students sign up for an internship and complete the required training at the academy. The division organizes the 20 students as a fire crew and has successfully made it self-supporting.

Funding History
Appropriation Overview

During the 2015 General Session, the Legislature appropriated for Fiscal Year 2016, $3,559,700 from all sources for Lone Peak Center. This is a 21.1 percent increase from Fiscal Year 2015 revised estimated amounts from all sources.

A partnership with the U.S. Forest Service (USFS) created an Interagency Hotshot Crew (IHC) of state employees. A USFS agreement covers 75 percent of the cost. The program also performs various fuel reduction activities throughout the year to reduce the threat of future wildfires. Two of the ten-person crews are dedicated to hazardous fuels mitigation projects and are self supporting.

Intent Language

HB0003: Item 101

Under the terms of 63J-1-603 of the Utah Code, the Legislature intends that appropriations provided for the Division of Forestry, Fire, and State Lands in Item 5, Chapter 5, Laws of Utah 2014, shall not lapse at the close of FY 2015. Expenditures of these funds are limited to: Sovereign Lands Projects $1,210,000; Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge Dispute $100,000; Little Willow Water Line $32,000; Navigational Hazards Removal $20,000; Lands Maintenance $50,000; Information Database $110,000; Jordan River Assessment $27,000; Bear River Baseline $35,000; Bear Lake Public Access $50,000, Cedar City Office Building $1,000,000.

HB0003: Item 101

The Legislature intends that Division of Forestry, Fire, and State Lands purchase two new vehicles in FY 2015 through the Division of Fleet Operations.

SB0002: Item 148

The Legislature intends that the $250,000 for Bear Lake Access be contingent upon at least a 50% match from other state and/or local sources.

SB0002: Item 148

The Legislature intends that the $50,000 for Jordan River bank stabilization be contingent upon a one-to-one match from non-state sources.

SB0002: Item 148

The Legislature intends that the $250,000 for LiDAR for Northern Utah be contingent upon a one-to-one match from other state, federal, and/or local sources.

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