FY 2016 Appropriation

The Construction Management Program enables the Department to manage the projects from the design stage through their completion without switching back and forth between line items for accounting and tracking purposes. The functions of this line item are separated as programs within the line item as Rehabilitation / Preservation, and State and Federal Construction.

Funding History
Appropriation Overview

During the 2015 General Session, the Legislature appropriated for Fiscal Year 2016, $220,050,100 from all sources for Construction Management. This is a 5.3 percent increase from Fiscal Year 2015 revised estimated amounts from all sources.

Appropriation Adjustments

In addition to statewide compensation and internal service fund cost increases, the following appropriation adjustments were made during the 2015 General Session:

DescriptionOngoingOne-Time UDOT Reallocations ($650,000)$0
OngoingOne-TimeFinancing Source
($650,000)$0Transportation Fund
Reallocating FTE and funding between line items
UDOT Sales Tax Revenue Growth$3,136,700$0
OngoingOne-TimeFinancing Source
$3,136,700$0Designated Sales Tax
No Description
UDOT Transportation Fund Revenue Growth$8,608,000$0
OngoingOne-TimeFinancing Source
$8,608,000$0Transportation Fund
No Description

The Construction Program of the Utah Department of Transportation is governed by the Utah Transportation Code 72-06

Intent Language

SB0002: Item 25

There is appropriated to the Department of Transportation from the Transportation Fund, not otherwise appropriated, a sum sufficient but not more than the surplus of the Transportation Fund, to be used by the Department for the construction, rehabilitation and preservation of State highways in Utah. The Legislature intends that the appropriation fund first, a maximum participation with the federal government for the construction of federally designated highways, as provided by law, and last the construction of State highways, as funding permits. No portion of the money appropriated by this item shall be used either directly or indirectly to enhance the appropriation otherwise made by this act to the Department of Transportation for other purposes.

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